Kailyn Lowry shocked fans in February when she announced she was pregnant with her third baby very quickly after divorcing from her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin. The "Teen Mom 2" star kept relatively quiet about the father of the child, even at times shirking her filming duties because she didn't want to talk about it. She finally revealed that her baby was fathered by chris lopez, a friend of her's from Delaware State University. The mother-of-three stated that she was hesitant to say that he was the baby's father because she was unsure how much he wanted to be involved in her life or the baby's life.

Kail assumed he wouldn't be around much

Rumors swirled during Kailyn's pregnancy that Chris Lopez had pretty much been ignoring her since announcing she was pregnant. The pregnancy came as a huge surprise to both of them, as Kail revealed that she was told by her doctor that she wouldn't be able to have children without IVF intervention in the future. It is likely Chris was simply not prepared for the reality that their casual relationship would turn into something so serious.

The mother-of-three sadly joked online that she hadn't seen Chris in months and that perhaps he had gone missing. It was even rumored at one point that Chris had blocked her number and did not plan to attend his own child's birth because of his reluctance to be a father and not wanting to be around Kailyn.

Will the pair reconcile?

Kailyn Lowry stated that she had once hoped that she and Chris would be together for the long-haul and raise a family together. However, when it appeared that wasn't going to happen, media outlets reported that she was "devastated." Still, the independent mother wasn't one to sit and mope, and instead moved on with her life and readied herself to live as a single mother of three.

Since Baby Lo (who still has no official name, or at least one that has been revealed to the press) was born, Chris has managed to step up as a father. He was photographed coming out of the hospital with Kailyn and their new baby. Kail has also reported that she isn't too worried about custody because she trusts him to show up and come see the baby and will let him have Baby Lo when he wants.

At this time, the pair aren't worried about creating a legal agreement, which is rare for Kail, who has taken both of her exes to court for custody and PFA (Protection From Abuse) orders. According to an insider from "Hollywood Life," Kail is "hopeful" that he will remain this engaged, and it could possibly lead to a reconciliation between the pair in the future.