There are always Rumors about Duggar courtships and the latest one is that John David Duggar may have found love. The Hollywood Gossip shared the details about his alleged courtship and what is going on. The family usually shares the news with fans about courtships, but it sounds like they are waiting on this one for some reason.

Details of John-David's love life revealed

The reports are that John-David Duggar is dating a girl that is from Texas. The reports are that he is spending a lot of time in Texas with this girl and then also a lot of time in Mississippi doing pilot training.

The insider shared that everything that Jana and John-David both do is very secretive, but they don't seem to know the reason why it is that way.

So far, there is no information at all about John-David's alleged new girlfriend. The fans would love to hear that this older Duggar brother has finally found love. Everyone wants to know details about who John-David is dating, but he just isn't sharing a word about it right now. The Duggars may be waiting to see if this relationship is serious before the announce it to the world.

The insider shares a detail about Jana

The insider goes on to explain that Jana Duggar isn't courting anyone either and has a lot of close female friends. They didn't say she likes women, but said the family doesn't want these close relationships out in the press.

This could be simply to keep anyone from starting rumors. Jana has shared on the show that she is into finding a man that isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. She also has had guys who are interested in her, but it has never been someone that she likes back, so she doesn't just go for it. Jana Duggar is being picky about who she will court.

This person went on to explain that Jim Bob Duggar helps make sure that the family keeps a great image. He said, "I never would have spoke about anything if Jim Bob would’ve been true and correct with me. I used to have lot of faith in that family, but with all the untruths that have come out, all bets are off." It sounds like the Duggars have pushed a few people away over the years.

Do you think that John David Duggar has found love? Why do you think the Duggars aren't sharing any news about it yet? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when they return to TLC. The show will be back and if they are going to announce the courtship this might be when they decide to do it.