Jenelle Evans has been on "Teen Mom 2" since the show began many years ago. MTV launched "Teen Mom 2" as a continuation of "16 and Pregnant" where the network followed young girls who had gotten pregnant as teenagers. However, "Teen Mom 2" only followed four of the girls, and one of them was Jenelle.

Fans have seen how she gave up her son Jace in regards to custody, so her mother could take over and care for him. One of the primary reasons for doing so was health insurance. The agreement was that Jenelle would get her son back when she found a job and had been living steadily for a while.

It is now seven years later, and Evans is still fighting her mother for custody of her son in the court system.

No longer complaining on social media

Jenelle Evans has learned a thing or two over the past couple of years and that includes how she needs to keep some things to herself. During her time on "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle has been very open and honest in regards to her relationship with guys. She has revealed that she has been abused and she has talked about how her boyfriends have shown little to no respect for her throughout her relationships with them.

She also used social media to lash out at her ex-partners, including Gary Head, Courtland Rogers, and most recently, Nathan Griffith. Fans would know what was going on in her relationship because Evans used to be very open and honest about it.

But since she started dating David Eason, Jenelle has learned that it is better to keep her mouth shut to stay private in regards to her own life. All private matters are not on social media anymore and fans are often wondered what is going on in her life.

Is her mother frustrated with her?

Jenelle Evans recently slammed her mother for speaking out to a magazine rather than speaking to her.

She points out that the more she keeps quiet about her custody case in her private life, the more her mother wants to speak out about what she's learning about her daughter. Evans recently released a book about her life and Barbara felt it was necessary for her to speak out and share her side of the story. As it turns out, she may not be happy about what her daughter has to say about her in the book.

It is interesting that the more Jenelle keeps quiet on social media, the more people feel like they have to talk about her. The reality is that Jenelle Evans is probably done with the drama and has grown tremendously over the past couple of years. Plus she now has two additional children so one can imagine she's keeping busy with her life.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans’ about staying busy and about how people are speaking out now that she's doing well in her life?