According to Us Weekly, Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo have already shared a little about their wedding plans. Even though they are engaged, they told the public not to expect a wedding anytime soon. It was Bryan who revealed most of the information. Apparently, he and Rachel have already discussed what they want to happen now that their engagement has been made public.

Whenever they do get married, fans are hoping their wedding will be televised on ABC, so they will be able to continue following the couple's journey.

Bryan related that Rachel wants a winter wedding.

He added that Rachel gets whatever she wants. They have decided on a wedding probably in December 2018 or January 2019. Rachel said she is handing over the planning to someone else. So, why the long wait, especially since marriage was Rachel's ultimate goal for being on the show?

A life of normalcy

Even though the couple has been engaged for about three months, they are not rushing into marriage. Rachel and Bryan agree that they want a life of normalcy where they can go out together to dinner and to the movie and do what normal couples do. They had to sneak around and see each other in secret while "The Bachelorette" was still on the air. Now, they have the freedom to go anyplace and do whatever they want.

Rachel concluded that they want to build their lives together in a normal sense.

Even though the cameras are no longer following them, it will take them a while to settle down into a routine because they are being interviewed on the talk shows. Rachel did many interviews alone before the finale. Now Bryan has joined her on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "Good Morning America," and "Live with Kelly and Ryan."

Where will they live?

The newly engaged couple plans to live together before they get married.

They need to decide where they will live. Bryan said they don't know right now where they will settle down because they could live in Dallas where Rachel is from, in Miami where Bryan is from, or in Los Angeles where both of them will make a new start.

Rachel is a 32-year-old attorney in Texas. If she wants to practice law in another state, she will have to pass the bar there.

Bryan is a 37-year-old chiropractor in Florida. People have back problems in every state. Therefore, it would be easy for him to start a practice wherever he wants.

Rachel and Bryan seem to be crazy in love. Therefore, they will continue to be happy no matter what their ZIP code turns out to be.

Much more information about Rachel and Bryan's journey and their love for each other is detailed in the upcoming issue of People magazine. A photo of the beautiful couple is on the cover.