The second season of ITV’s “Victoria” premieres on August 27 in the United Kingdom, and the show’s fans in the U.S. will still have to wait for January 2018. The series, created by Daisy Goodwin, centers on the life and reign of Queen Victoria – played by Jenna Coleman. The series’ premiere season garnered 16.2 million viewers in U.S.

The first season showed the accession to the throne and first few years of Queen Victoria’s reign.

It also covered her relationship with Lord Melbourne and her marriage to Prince Albert – played by Tom Hughes. The series also showed the life of the people around the Queen. The season ended with the birth of Princess Victoria – the first of the nine children.

Season 2 details

Goodwin has previously explained that the second season will focus on the Queen’s growing family in the mid-19th century. Coleman has mentioned in a previous interview with BBC One, that there will be lots of children this season, stating that (at that time) they were at baby number 4.

Season 2 will be about Victoria struggling to adapt to motherhood. She is learning and trying to balance being a mother, a wife and the Queen of a great nation.

As seen in the trailer, she’ll be getting help from the Mistress of Robes, Duchess of Buccleuch – played by Dame Diana Rigg.

Victoria and Albert will be struggling in their roles as public figures and private partners in the second season. In Goodwin’s recent interview with, she revealed that the couple may look sweet publicly, but they were having the most incredible rows behind the scenes.

In the trailer, the couple reminisces about their life before they had children, with Victoria saying “Everything was much simpler then.”

Other cast members returning this season are Nell Hudson (Nancy Skerrett), Ferdinand Kingsley (Charles Francatelli), Adrian Schiller (Penge), Daniela Holtz (Baroness Lehzen) and David Oakes (Prince Ernest).

Lord M

Lord Melbourne – played by Rufus Sewell, was the Queen’s first Prime Minister, mentor, and friend. In Season 1, he was also the Queen’s romantic interest and was greatly missed when he exited the show in the middle of the season and when she married Prince Albert.

In Season 2, Lord M, as Victoria calls him, returns to the show. The series’ executive producer, Damien Timmer, teased that Lord M’s return will bring unexpected twists to the story. Goodwin explained that Victoria, who feels lost, will call upon her mentor and friend for comfort and counsel. Albert thinks that it is not the best idea – for the monarch to write to the former Prime Minister.

Season 2 of Victoria returns on January 14, 2018, on Masterpiece on PBS.