Since the first season of the critically acclaimed Netflix seriesThe Crown” ended, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next season. The series and its cast and crew garnered great recognition by the Screen Actors’ Guild, the Critics’ Choice, the Golden Globes and the Emmys. Netflix has released the trailer for Season 2 and it looks like there’s going to be a lot of drama. Season 2 of “The Crown” will be available on Netflix on December 8.

Season 1 of “The Crown” ended with the continuing fallout between Elizabeth and her sister Margaret after she was not allowed to marry Captain Peter Townsend.

Elizabeth’s marriage to Philip wasn’t going smoothly either and in the finale, he was sent on a royal tour abroad. Winston Churchill resigned from his post and Anthony Eden became the new prime minister.

Season details

In Season 1, Queen Elizabeth learned to adjust to her role as Queen and in exercising her duties as the monarch. In Season 2, Claire Foy revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Elizabeth had neglected her personal life, so there are all sorts of things to sort out.

Foy also said in the interview “The world is changing faster than anyone can catch up. There is no let-up. She just keeps having to go from crisis to another.” Anthony Eden will be dealing with the Suez Crisis – which was not handled well, and after his resignation, more prime ministers will be introduced in Season 2.

The season will be set in the 60’s and Elizabeth will be meeting John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie.

Prince Philip’s childhood background, his strained relationship with his wife and his relationship with their son Charles will also be a focus in Season 2. Fans can also look forward to the addition of Prince Andrew and Prince Edward in the upcoming season.

While on the topic of relationships, the show will be introducing Antony Armstrong-Jones, the photographer who eventually married Princess Margaret.

The Cast

Claire Foy and Matt Smith will be reprising their roles as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, respectively. Vanessa Kirby will continue to play as Princess Margaret. This will be the last time the actors will playing their characters in the show.

The succeeding seasons will be casting older actors to play the same characters in the later years of the Queen’s reign.

Jeremy Northam and Victoria Hamilton will also return to play Anthony Eden and the Queen Mother. Season 2 will be introducing new comers Matthew Goode, Michael Hall and Jody Balfour. Goode will be playing Antony Armstrong-Jones, Princess Margaret’s new love interest in the season. Hall and Balfour will be playing the Kennedys.