Netflix has just released a Teaser Trailer for Season 4 of the spooky seriesBlack Mirror” – revealing just a couple of clips and the titles of each of the six episodes. While the release date is not out yet, fans can probably start getting excited over the return of the ultra-creepy show.

‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 coming soon to Netflix

Charlie Brooker’s “Black Mirror” originated on Channel 4 in the U.K. with two seasons aired. Due to its total weirdness and popularity, a third season of the horror/SciFi show was commissioned by Netflix, which added a series of episodes to its streaming platform.

While fans have waited almost a year for Season 4, it looks like it is now getting close, as Netflix releases a teaser trailer with tempting titles for all six episodes.

Teaser titles for ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4

The first teaser is "Crocodile," which doesn’t reveal much, other than someone is driving through a snowy wilderness, while a couple of women look worried. Next in line is “Arkangel,” which reveals someone opening a mysterious box and a pretty little blond girl getting up to something possibly unnatural.

“Hang the DJ” shows a couple out together, then getting it on, so it is unsure what can be so creepy about all that, but we can only imagine there's a DJ involved somewhere who won't have a happy ending..

An interesting title is “USS Callister.” As noted by Cinema Blend, this episode features “Breaking Bad” actor Jesse Plemons, apparently in the role of the captain of a starship, not at all unlike the USS Enterprise of “Star Trek” fame. The brief teaser shows a woman screaming as her hand is suddenly surrounded by golden light, while the starship captain himself turns around with a smile.

This is followed by the spaceship heading into some sort of bad situation, which we will have to be patient to find out about.

Metalhead” sees a woman escaping from a garage or storage room, where a huge mechanical monster or robot appears to be about to attack, followed by vehicles speeding down a road.

That episode seems to be all in black and white, which can only add to the tension.

Next stop is the title “Black Museum,” where a black woman and white man are seen standing outside a building. Inside that same building we see a possible android with a whole load of lit electrodes on its head and a gurney being wheeled down a passageway. We also see a hapless barefoot person, about to step on a pronged plug on the floor, which can only lead to pain.

The Netflix teaser for "Black Mirror" ends with the words “coming soon,” but just how soon is anyone’s guess.