"Days Of Our Lives" fans heard the rumors last week that Tyler Christopher may be coming to Salem. This week it is official. Now fans are trying to guess which role he will be taking.

The following may contain "Days of Our Lives" spoilers. If you don't want to know what may be coming on the long-running soap opera, stop reading now.

Tyler Christopher took to Twitter this morning to confirm that he is joining the "Days of Our Lives" family but stated he couldn't discuss the character he would be playing.

RonCarlivati, another "General Hospital" alum, tweeted as well calling Tyler the "International man of mystery."

Three possible roles for Tyler Christopher

When the rumors started swirling last week, fans of "Days of Our Lives" began to speculate on which role the seasoned actor would be portraying. Of course, EJ DiMera was mentioned with Sami coming back to Salem. Let's take a look at that possibility. Sami spoilers say she is coming back to get revenge on those that have held her son hostage and traumatized him. Her stint has been reported as only a two-month stay in Salem. As much as fans would love to see EJ DiMera return, it just doesn't fit for Tyler Christopher.

"Days of Our Lives" just announced that the character of Vivian Alamain is returning.

Remember her nephew and sidekick, Lawrence? He was involved in several of her schemes and antics over the years. In one of them, they figured out that John Black is actually Lawrence's brother who was thought dead. That would fit in with the tweet by head writer Ron Carlivati.

The next option for Tyler Christopher's new "Days of Our Lives" role is Alexander Kiriakis.

He is Sonny's step-brother, the son of Justin and Anjelica Deveraux. Rumor has it that he intends to challenge Sonny for control of Titan. With Anjelica in town, it would make sense for her son to come to Salem. He would be causing quite a stir-up in the Kiriakis clan.

When will viewers see him?

Ron Carlivati had said he would not be adding any new characters until January.

Until then he plans to bring back several "Days of Our Lives" alum. This timeframe fits with the arrival of Tyler Christopher's character. The taping of the show is several months in advance and his episodes will begin to air just in time to gear up for February sweeps.

With all of this in mind, it seems that Alexander Kiriakis or Vivian's nephew Lawrence would be the most likely roles for Tyler Christopher on "Days of Our Lives."