Fans of Linkin Park were taken by surprise when they learned that singer Chester Bennington committed suicide. The singer was known for his battles with both drugs and alcohol and had suffered childhood trauma and abuse when he was young. Tributes for the singer have continued to pour in over the past two weeks, including a 20-foot mural painted in Los Angeles.

Bennington took his own life

According to People Magazine, Chester Bennington committed suicide at his home two weeks ago. Bennington was found dead by a housekeeper who immediately notified the emergency services and authorities announced later that day that the singer was deceased.

The questions about the nature of Bennington's death have been cleared as authorities and family members confirmed suspicions that the celebrity took his own life. His death has led to many conversations about mental health in the music industry and has deeply affected the lives of both his family and his band mates.

Fans took to social media to express their sorrow and condolences upon hearing the news. Chester's band mates have since set up a website featuring the band's singer and they have included information about suicide prevention and places where people in the same mind as Chester could go to seek help.

20-foot mural painted of the singer

According to Billboard, one of the most memorable tributes of Chester Bennington is a 20-foot mural, which was painted by artist Jonah Never.

The picture is a black and white mural of the singer shirtless and smiling and thousands of fans have been showing up at the mural to pay their tributes to their favorite celebrity.

The mural is the situation on the wall of a Rock N' Pies in Los Angeles and the company has recently taken to Twitter to address the mural on their property.

They posted an image of the mural and stated that they are honored to have such a beautiful tribute to Chester Bennington on their building.

According to AU News, when Jonah Never was painting the mural people who were passing by in their cars were seen honking and cheering the artist on. The mural has received huge praise and people from all walks of life are coming to Los Angeles to see the 20-foot painting of Chester Bennington who is now at peace.

Chester Bennington is survived by his six children and his wife. His family is grateful for the love and support they have received from fans and have asked for privacy at this difficult time in their lives.