"Days Of Our Lives" fans are watching as Tripp digs himself into a very deep hole in Salem. His quest to avenge his mother's death has made him vulnerable and easily manipulated. Wih his uncle in one ear and Jade in the other, Tripp is on the wrong path in more ways than one. Can this turn around so that he can call Salem home?

"DOOL" spoilers ahead

The following information contains possible "Days of Our Lives" spoilers. If you don't want to know what may be on the show, stop reading now.

Tripp came to Salem in search of his mother, Ava. Of course, Joey killed her awhile back but Steve claimed he did it to protect Joey.

Tripp quickly figured out that his father was covering for someone. With his uncle and Jade influencing him, he concluded it had to be Kayla. His plot for revenge began and every time he wanted to back down, Jade was there to encourage him to continue with the plan even though she knows the truth.

Does Tripp have a future in Salem?

Recently Soap Hub did an informal survey of their readers. They wanted to know if "Days of Our Lives" fans thought Tripp has a chance at a future in Salem. After all, Steve had a rough start too. He was a thug pulling jobs for Victor and Stephanie. He terrorized Kimberly, who was blind. He also tied Hope up and told her a bowl of acid was balanced above her head. Eventually, Steve did one thing right and it changed his future.

Steve became aware of a Nazi war criminal that had taken up residence in Salem. He was a key player in the exposure of the bad guy. Around the same time, it came out that he had a rough childhood. One of his memories was saying goodbye to his baby brother Billy when his mother put him up for adoption and Steve in a foster home.

Billy was adopted and raised as Jack Deveraux.

With Steve going from being a street thug to clearing his reputation by helping get rid of a Nazi, he was forgiven by Salem for his past transgressions. The same happened with Jack. He grew up a spoiled, entitled rich kid that was also a rapist. Once Jennifer Horton fell in love with Jack, he was redeemed in the eyes of Salemites.

And now "Days of Our Lives" fans are watching as Tripp has followed his father and uncle's footsteps down the wrong path.

The "Soap Hub" survey questioned whether or not there is hope for Tripp to find his way back into good graces in Salem after his sabotage plans for Kayla. While less than a quarter of those responding feel Tripp can turn things around, just over 10 percent want to see him exit the show.