Ian Somerhalder seems to be missing all the fun he had with ex-girlfriend Nina Dobrev and former co-star Paul Wesley. “The Vampire Diaries” actor, who stated clearly on many occasions that he does not want to return as Damon Salvatore, is reportedly wishing to make a comeback to the series’ spin-off.

Clearly, Somerhalder is missing Paul Wesley and all the fun he had with the cast. He recently shared a fun picture of the cast from Comic-Con event, wondering if they were even wearing pants at that time. There are talks that “TVD” cast might have cameo or recurring roles either in spin-off series or “The Originals” Season 5

Somerhalder misses Wesley more than Dobrev

The “TVD” star really enjoyed his time on the sets but rather than missing his former lover, he just misses the Salvatore brother.

He revealed during one of his interview with TV Guide, he is like a family with Paul. However, he has not declined the fact that he misses rest of the cast and crew.

Who all can appear in “The Originals” Season 5?

According to CarterMatt, all of the characters from Mystic Fall who stayed alive at the end of “Vampire Diaries” can surely return for the series. Alaric and King’s Caroline can be seen in the recurring roles. In addition, fans will get to see Caroline and Klaus story arc too.

As far as Wesley is concerned, whom Ian is missing so dearly, the actor has clearly said to not count on him. The 35-year-old actor clearly stated that he is done with any kind of supernatural shows and will like to do something entirely different now.

He is trying to branch out and would not repeat the vampire line, which he did for last eight years, as reported by TV Guide.

Will Dobrev be back for the new season?

With Paul declining his return, the new season will have a chance to reignite onscreen chemistry between Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev. According to Inquisitr, there are chances of the possible reunion of Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore.

The report said that creator Julie Plec will be contacting Ian soon for a cameo role and Dobrev has apparently confirmed her presence for a small role on the show long back. The possibility of #Delena making a comeback seems strong. Fans will be excited to see their favorite onscreen couple together again. The ratings of "Vampire Diaries" had majorly dropped when Gilbert was put to sleep in order to make room for Dobrev's exit. However, it is to be noted that Dobrev, Wesley and Somerhalder's official sources have not yet confirmed their return.