Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have remained silent about their affair for far too long. The “Twilight” co-stars always made sure not to give away too much of their personal life but things seem to have taken a turn now.

As it has been such a long time now that Pattinson and Stewart’s affair has been over, the former lovers and co-stars are apparently finding it easier to talk about it to the media.

'Good Time' actor overwhelmed by so much love from former lover

The Personal Shopper actress has, at last, expressed her feelings for her “Twilight” co-star.

The 31-year-old actor is happy to hear that his former lover truly loved him, as he sometimes wondered if it was all for show, reported Hollywood Life.

It seems that Stewart and Pattinson do not have any bad blood and are far away from holding any kind of bitterness towards each other. The actor does not mind his ex-girlfriend talking about their romance either and the popularly named KStew and RPatz couple are happy in their individual lives.

The two 'Twilight' stars share a deep love

The recent Harper’s Bazaar interview with the “Personal Shopper” actress revealed a lot about the unsaid tale and romance she shared with her exes. The 27-year-old actress opened up about her sexuality, being bullied and her past relationships.

Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend said that she never faked any of her relationships. She has been deeply in love with everyone she has ever dated, which includes the “Good Time” actor.

'Café Society' actress talks sexuality

She added that she is embracing duality when it comes to her sexuality. The “Café Society” actress is apparently more comfortable now that her sexuality is out in the open.

Stewart clearly never felt confused and revealed that she has been like this for a long time now.

She opened up about a time in her childhood when she was 11-years-old and used to look like a complete tomboy. Other girls used to tease her and called her “a boy.” Kristen said that had really hurt her feelings but she is over it now and would like to tell her younger self to be proud of who she is.

The actress admitted that she could still date men as she wishes to try everything. Apparently, she is not one of the people who can eat “grilled cheese” all her life. The actress did mention that she finds it weird to talk about everything personal and having to share her entire personal life with the whole world.

Do the two stars still want to be together? It seems that for now they will just go their own ways and cherish the memories.