heather dubrow decided earlier this year that she would no longer be filming "The Real Housewives of Orange County" with her co-stars. The season before this current one was rough on Heather, as she felt like the drama had reached new heights. Heather wasn't happy about the way Kelly Dodd lashed out at the ladies when she was upset, and Heather ended up walking out a restaurant and breaking down in a car on the way home. She was clearly upset, and she wanted nothing to do with the ladies. Since leaving the show, Dubrow hasn't talked to her co-stars, and the ladies are starting to question whether Dubrow was truly their friend.

According to a new social media post, Heather Dubrow is realizing that she still has an influence when it comes to her fans. Even though she's no longer on "The Real Housewives of Orange County," fans of the show still follow her as she continues her fabulous life away from the cameras. Over the past couple of days, many celebrities have encouraged people to donate money to help out with storm relief, as people need help to recover after Harvey. Heather is one of those people, but she chose to promote the Red Cross, something her fans were not a fan of.

Harvey relief

Heather Dubrow is encouraging fans to support victims of Harvey in an Instagram post. In the post, she encouraged people to text money to the Red Cross to help people in need.

While it is a noble thing to get people to help out, it sounds like her fans were not happy with Heather promoting the Red Cross.

"Please donate to a charity that helps people... it took the Red Cross two weeks to 'help' after sandy, and they left without helping. Donate to local charities," one person wrote to Heather, revealing that it is better to donate to smaller charities who are on the ground doing good things.

Many other followers chimed in with a similar opinion, revealing that it was better to share local charities. Many other charities are donating 100% of proceeds to people in need. This includes food, shelter, and baby formula for babies in need.

'RHOC' co-stars

As for her former "Real Housewives of Orange County" co-stars, they are also stepped up and encouraged people to donate money to the people in need.

The ladies haven't revealed how much they have donated, but one can imagine they are donating as much as fans. The ladies have encouraged to donate at least $10 to help out people in need.

What do you think about Heather Dubrow getting slammed for promoting Red Cross for Harvey relief?