Did Heather Dubrow get the Yolanda Foster treatment by Bravo TV after starring on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" for five seasons? She may have. In June of last year, after starring on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" for four seasons, Foster was reportedly demoted from the show, but rather than take the demotion, Foster publicly announced her exit from the show. After revealing the news to her fans and followers on Instagram, TMZ claimed Foster only left the show after refusing to take on a lesser role. Now, a new report claims the same thing may have happened to Dubrow.

"[Heather Dubrow] was offered a friend role for [season 12],” a source revealed to The Dirty on January 27, adding that Dubrow declined the lesser role. As for why producers were reportedly not on board with bringing her back to the cast in a full-time role, the source suggested they had gotten bored with Dubrow's storyline.

According to the report, Dubrow has been flaunting her extravagant home and wealth on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" for years, but when it comes to her ongoing role with the show, behind-the-scenes sources were convinced that she didn't bring enough substance to the show to garner herself a full-time return.

“[Heather Dubrow] turned down the friend role and thus left," the insider added.

'RHOC' season 12 remains unconfirmed

While there are tons of rumors swirling in regard to potential cast changes coming to the series, Bravo TV has yet to officially announce the series' renewal. In fact, they have yet to say a thing about the show and a cast confirmation likely won't be revealed until later this year.

Following Heather Dubrow's confirmation of her exit, Vicki Gunvalson took to Twitter to comment on the recent reports of casting changes.

After being confronted by a fan who suggested Dubrow left the show in an effort to remove Gunvalson from her life, Gunvalson fired back claiming that she had nothing to do with Dubrow's decision and wished her the best moving forward.