Megan King Edmonds thought that she was good friends with heather dubrow on the previous season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," but it sounds like the friendship ended after Heather left the show.

Earlier this year, Heather announced that she would no longer be part of the reality show, adding that she wanted to focus on her family and other career ventures at this point. She added that it was tough for her to be away from her children, as her husband had been working a lot. Even though he had promised to slow down, she could not get her husband to slow down, and to keep a firm structure in the family; she decided to leave the show.

Has Heather removed all of her friends?

While Heather was filming the "Real Housewives of Orange County," she was building a massive mansion for her family. Heather had spent well over 10 million in this home, and she tried everything she could to make it just perfect for her family. The cameras were allowed inside the home when it was a construction zone, and Dubrow has shared a few snippets of the home on her social media a couple of times. However, none of her former costars have been inside the home, and it sounds like Heather has no plans of inviting them into her mansion.

According to a new bridal report, Megan King Edmonds believes that no one will ever step foot inside of Heather's new home.

When asked by Bravo if Meghan had stayed in touch with Heather, she revealed that it wasn't much.

"Here and there, but it's like she's doing her own thing," Meghan told "The Daily Dish" about their friends, adding that she had yet to be invited to the mansion.

"No," she said. "No, nobody will."

Too fancy to have reality stars as friends?

It is very interesting that Heather may not want any of her former co-stars at her mansion, as she may not have heard from them since leaving the show.

Of course, one could argue that friendship goes both ways and one has to wonder how much her co-stars have reached out to her since wrapping the show last year. Heather may use the excuse that none of her former co-stars have been invited as none of them reached out to her after she decided to leave the show behind. Perhaps none of them were interested in keeping the friendships alive.

However, Heather Dubrow has received a label of being Mrs. Fancy Pants, which doesn't help the situation. Maybe Heather feels that she is above her co-stars now that she's living in a massive mansion and because she has more money than them. When she left the show, she also hinted that she wanted nothing to do with the petty drama that was playing out on the show. It could be that hasn't been costar still in the house because she feels that she's better than everyone else.

As for Megan, Tamra Judge, Vicki Gunvalson, and the other ladies, it sounds like they have given up hope of ever being able to visit Heather at her house.

Are you surprised that none of the wives have visited Heather at her new house? Do you think it is Heather who is keeping them away from home, or do you think she's playing hard to get and is waiting for her former co-stars to come to her?