Will rachel lindsay actually marry her winning pick from "The Bachelorette"? She informed fans early on into the season that she gets her "happy ending" when the show wraps, which only means one thing -- she got engaged! The 32-year-old attorney has been making the press circuit assuring everyone that she's still happy and is looking way ahead to a wedding.

Harrison not sure about Rachel getting married

Glamour asked "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison what he thinks about Rachel Lindsay and her winning pick. Does he think they'll marry? While he did say that Lindsay is "happy" and that she and and the man she chose are "in love," he took on a different tone when asked if the relationship will last.

Harrison explained that life isn't "so simple" and that he doesn't know if Rachel and her winner will last. He knows how easy it is to "sit on the sidelines and be that Monday morning quarterback and go, ‘No! They’ll never make it!’ It’s hard to make it."

Chris Harrison realizes that he might be a little more skeptical than some because he's divorced. He doesn't want to "throw rocks." He reflects back to Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, whom he believed would last and they didn't. It made him "sad" that they didn't go on to marry, but he hopes that it will happen for Rachel. Harrison couldn't be happier for her and offered to do all he can to help.

On the other hand, Chris revealed that he wouldn't have ever guessed that Rachel's winner would've caught her eye from "night one." All he can say at this point is that Rachel's final three -- Eric Bigger, Peter Kraus, and Bryan Abasolo -- are great guys for her to choose from.

It's just a "matter of who fits into Rachel’s life. We’ll see."

'Bachelorette' spoilers (stop reading if you don't want to know who wins)

Rachel Lindsay allegedly picks Bryan Abasolo, according to "Bachelorette" spoilers. As previously reported, Rachel had a hard time choosing between the runner-up and the winner. She struggled with her emotions at the end when things got more difficult after sending Eric home.

In fact, some of her friends are said to question whether she made the right decision. If you go by Lindsay's most recent interviews, however, she's happier than she's ever been and can't wait to be open with her engagement and not have to sneak around anymore.

Were you excited to see Rachel Lindsay pick Bryan Abasolo in the end, and do you think they'll get married?

"The Bachelorette" 2017 finale airs Monday night on ABC at 8 p.m., ET/PT.