According to recent reports, Warner Bros. and DC are in the early stages of working on a Batman spinoff, specifically featuring the back story of cape crusader’s fan favorite nemesis: The Joker. Here are the top 3 actors that could take on the role.

The most comical villain

To portray the most comical and loved villain, an actor needs to be able to express numerous emotions and facades to his audience. It can be remembered that the character had three high profile portrayals from the past Batman films. The menacing Jack Nicholson portrayed the character in “Batman” while the late Heath Ledger portrayed the grinning psychopath in “The Dark Knight.” Recently, the character was portrayed by “Dallas Buyers Club” star Jared Leto in “Suicide Squad,” and is set to reprise his role in “Suicide Squad 2.”


Bill Skarsgard

As it was mentioned above, the next Joker should be able to give emphasis when expressing numerous emotions – be it a menacing one or just a chilling villainous facade. With that said, how can we not consider the actor behind the shape shifting, child-eating clown movie remake of Stephen King’s “It,” which is based on a novel of the same title? Bill Skarsgard, who will portray Pennywise in “It,” is just the right candidate with a perfect psychopath and evil-ish grin based on the movie’s trailer.

2. Finn Wittrock

Diehard fans of FX horror anthology “American Horror Story” will likely remember the American actor and screenwriter. Though Finn Wittrock appeared in multiple seasons of the show, he was best remembered for his portrayal of Dandy Mott in “AHS: Freak Show.” The actor played the character too well (almost too-believable) that we think he would make an incredibly sick and twisted psychopath in Batman spinoff.

3. Iwan Rheon

The Welsh actor now plays Maximus in “The Inhumans,” but he was best remembered as a sadistic son of Roose Bolton, named Ramsay Bolton, in “Game of Thrones.” He is considered as Westeros’ own ‘Joker,’ who laughs maniacally with crazy eyes as he tortured Theon Greyjoy. According to Comic Book, though the actor has a long shot at playing the Joker, he will surely play the part incredibly if given the chance.

The recently announced Joker film will be produced, written and directed by Todd Phillips. The film will be co-written and co-produced by Scott Silver and Martin Scorsese, respectively.

New DC movie about Harley Quinn's love interest

Though Jared Leto may not play the role of Joker in the recently announced stand-alone spinoff, the actor will still portray the psychopath character in another Warner Bros and DC Entertainment project.

Mere hours after the announcement of a Joker film, it was revealed that Warner Bros. tapped John Requa and Glenn Ficarra to helm a movie featuring the romance between harley quinn and The Joker, Slash Film reported. The movie will reportedly take place within DCEU and will star Margot Robbie and Jared Leto as Clown Princess and Clown Prince of crime, respectively.