Halsey has recently come forward to talk about the struggles of being a biracial star. The singer stated that she is a Black Woman who can easily pass as a White Girl and that this led to a lot of confusion for herself, her fans and the media. Halsey opened up about her ethnicity in a candid interview and shared her desire to educate the public on the issues of racism and white passing.

Halsey stated that she passes as a white girl

According to NME, Halsey has recently come forward and stated that she feels guilty for being able to pass as someone of white ethnicity even though she is biracial. Halsey has claimed that she has been accused of cultural appropriation in the past and explains that this was not her intention.

The singer stated that she looks like a white girl but that she does not feel like on which has led to some confusion throughout her life. She stated that she is a black woman but growing up she did not know whether she was supposed to look up to TLC or Britney Spears. She stated that because she can pass as white that she has experienced racism in the past.

Halsey went on to explain that being white passing is a difficult thing to navigate in her life. She stated that it's something that white allies have a hard time understanding but that she tries her best to navigate the issue the best she can. For many people, the issue of white passing is something that they have never come into contact with before and that she is doing her best to raise the issue in a peaceful way.

She stated that her friends in Los Angeles are amazing but that over the past few years she has begun to realize that she is in a safe bubble. Halsey has explained that she has had to learn the hard way that not everyone is as open and accepting as her friends are.

The singer is proud of her heritage and talked openly about her family

According to Star Media, Halsey has claimed that despite the difficulties of passing as a white girl that she is proud of where she comes from and how she looks. The star stated that she has a black father and a white mother but that people often do not assume that when they are looking at her.

Halsey has claimed that she is proud of her heritage and that despite people assuming she is white that she identifies as a black woman. She stated that she is proud of herself and has accepted herself for who she is. She explained that in society when people do not understand something that they often look to fight it and that this is something that she is trying to educate people on.

Halsey has experienced racism in the past as members of the public have claimed that she is not a black woman, however, the star takes this in her stride and continues to be herself.

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