Halle Berry played the character of Storm in the "X-Men" movies and has recently come forward with claims that Wolverine and Storm were romantically involved. The star talks about a deleted scene where the couple is seen to kiss and states that a lot of their relationship can be seen in the deleted scenes of the movies.

The celebrity spills on the X-Men romance

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Halle Berry has recently come forward with claims that the characters Storm and Wolverine were romantically involved in the "X-Men" movies. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly Berry talked about a scene that was cut from the movie "X-Men Days of Future Past" which was a huge hint towards the couple's romance.

The scene shows Wolverine and Storm holding onto one another as Kitty prepares to try to save the world. The couple stare into one another's eye and Wolverine tells Storm that when they make it back to their own time that he will be the only person who is going to remember what happened to them. Storm then states that she will not have to miss him before the couple kiss.

Unfortunately, this scene never made it to the final cut but it does follow the story of the "X-Men" comics in which Wolverine and Storm are in a relationship, which ends because of Wolverine's death. Halle Berry stated that she and the other cast members of "X-Men" had a joke that Wolverine was always with Jean but often had affairs behind the scenes.

Berry was glad that her character got to have a romantic interest even if it was cut

According to Flickering Myth, Halle Berry has stated that she always wanted Storm to have a love interest in the "X-Men" movies, as it seemed that everyone else in the cast had one. She was happy that her character finally got to get some action in "Days of Future Past" and even though the scene was cut the comics still play out the couples love story.

In a report by the Hollywood Reporter, there is no other indication throughout the "X-Men" movies that Storm and Logan were an item. Fans are wondering if Halle Berry is simply clutching at straws and trying to add some more depth to the character of Storm. There is a clear romantic relationship between Wolverine and Jean Gray throughout the franchise and it is possible that Berry felt left out of certain character development sequences.

Hugh Jackman has not commented on the supposed romance between his character Wolverine and Storm and has made it clear that he will not be returning to the "X-Men" franchise.