The Duggar husbands, or the husbands of Jill, Jessa and Jinger, have come out to express disapproval over the recent white supremacist march in Charlottesville, Virginia. While the family is known for leaning right when it comes to their political beliefs, they still stated that they do not believe in racism, nor do they believe that any race is superior to the other. While some religions have used their doctrine to prop up their racist beliefs, the Duggar husbands have used religious doctrine to state that God does not support the theory that any people are above others.

Ben Seewald speaks out

ben seewald, Jessa Duggar's husband, has spoken out against racism by retweeting Albert Mohler, who claims that racist claims are a heresy, and also an assault on Gods glory and creation. He has not made any stand alone statements about what has been happening in Charlottesville, but it is clear that he is using his platform to condemn neo-Nazis and white supremacists who have taken over the town this weekend.

Derick Dillard takes to Twitter to express his feelings

derick dillard has been in hot water in recent weeks for expressing that he disapproved of the fact that TLC put Jazz Jennings on the network since she is a transgender teen.

According to Dillard, gender is assigned by God, and therefore TLC shouldn't be "making a mockery of it."

However, the TLC star has also spoken out against the racism in Charlottesville this past weekend, stating, "t's deplorable what's happened in Virginia this wkd. Praying 4 those affected by these unacceptable violent acts of hatred.

Racism is evil!"

It is unclear if this has gained him any fans or support after his recent bashing by the media, the TLC network and Jazz Jennings herself.

Jeremy Vuolo gives his piece about Charlottesville

Jeremy Vuolo, who is married to Jinger Duggar, has been criticized in the past for stating that Trump has been ordained by God himself in order to run the country.

However, he has also been viewed as a bit more liberal than the others, seeing as Jinger has taken to wearing pants instead of her usual ensemble of long skirts and tops with sleeves. He has also taken to social media to say he is upset with his fellow humans for what is happening in Charlottesville, retweeting the same tweet that Ben Seewald did.

He also expressed his feelings in his own words.

"Grieved as I track the current and on-going events in Charlottesville, Virginia. God have mercy," he wrote.