Reports are surfacing online that Halle Berry is set to play a leading character in “The Blob” remake, but the actress has not confirmed anything.

The news came from the website named Swengroup, which has list Halle as the primary cast member of “The Blob” film, but there is no information about whether Samuel L. Jackson will play a role or not. Who else has been attached to the project? There is no official announcement in this regard, so we have to wait a little more until “The Blob” producer makes the things clear.

‘The Blob’ – a remake

The Blob” is a remake of the 1958 film of the same name.

Its story revolves around a group of miners who discover something strange in the depths of soil. Later on, they come to know that it’s a hilarious creature which may destroy the humanity. So, the group of miners decides to kill it as early as possible. Halle Berry is rumored to play the leader of miners who discover this creature.

In the first week of May 2017, it was reported that Barry and Jackson are officially cast in the film, but director Simon West did not confirm anything. A recent listing, however, reveals that the Oscar-winning actress will play a role opposite Samuel.

According to Swengroup (“Donner Pass,” “In Fear,” “Open Grave,” “Demonic,” “Maggie,” “Spiders,” “Smiley”), Halle Berry is cast in “The Blob” remake. But this is not an official announcement, so we should not take it seriously. Simon West, however, is set to serve as a director, and Jackson’s name is not present in the Swengroup listing.

Another thing that is official is that Shelly Johnson (“Jurassic Park 3,” “The Wolfman”) is set to serve as a cinematographer. In the 1958 film, Steve McQueen played the leading role. Another film of the same name was produced in 1988, starring Matt Dillon’s younger brother Kevin Dillon.

Halle Berry in the film

“The Blob” remake is in development for quite some time and updates are few and far between.

We feel that the movie casts Halle Berry, but a lot of controversies are associated with her onscreen character. On the other hand, Simon West (“The Expendables 2,” “Con Air”) is attached to serve as a director and screenplay writer. The B-grade film gets a release date of October 2019, but it’s so strange that the cast members have not been finalized. Still, we feel that “The Blob” remake will be a lot better than the originals since the film is going to be shot in both Canada and the United States.