Game of ThronesSeason 7 has turned out to be pretty eventful in the three episodes that have aired till date but the fourth one promises even better action and drama. This is not something that fan theories are saying. It has come straight from HBO’s site that has come under the attacks of hackers who have leaked important details from the script of the fourth episode.

HBO admits to cyber attack

The cyber attack on HBO’s website was reported in the media and later, the network also issued a statement on the matter, confirming the attack. It said that the network recently experienced a cyber attack and it led to some leakage of confidential information.

The network also stated that they have begun an investigation into the case and are taking help of external cyber security firms to rectify the damage. It affirmed that data security holds utmost importance to them and they consider it their responsibility to safeguard the data they possess.

Notably, HBO had made concerted efforts to keep Season 7 spoilers under control and they had also succeeded to a great extent in keeping things safe but now the hackers have gotten the better of the network. They claim to carry 1.5 terabytes data in their possession and have also promised to make more leaks in coming days. They have already made public upcoming episodes of the network’s other two shows- “Room 104” and “Ballers.”

Leaked details hint at romance, reunion, revelation, and showdown

The leaked details from “Game of Thrones” Season 7 Episode 4 indicate a highly dramatic episode that will definitely please the fans.

First and foremost, it would lay down the foundation stone for the love story of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Reports suggest that the former would lend a helping hand to the latter while helping her step into the cave which carries the dragon glass. Moments later Davos asks him about his thoughts on Mother of Dragons but Jon shrugs off the query saying he does not have time for such matters.

The episode would also see Arya making it to Winterfell and reuniting with her siblings but the two sisters do not hug. Bran is also confined to one place given his state but he scares Littlefinger heavily by quoting his words that he had said to Varys about chaos being a ladder. However, before that Littlefinger hands over his dagger to Bran and he gives it to Arya.

Well, it is the same dagger that was used by an assassin to attack Bran in the past.

The fourth event is pretty tragic as it would lead to Drogon getting injured by the weapon Qyburn has built to kill him. It turns out that Dany will unleash her anger on the Lannister forces riding on Drogon’s back and it would cause heavy destruction. Jaime would also escape death by a whisker.