A research paper published on Monday suggests that Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" could be behind an increase in online searches for Suicide Methods. The paper, which featured in the online journal "JAMA Internal Medicine", found that after the after the launch of the series, online searches for "how to commit suicide" increased by 26% above what was expected at that time. The paper reports that searches for "suicide prevention" rose by 23% and "suicide hotline number" searches increased by 21%. CNN reported that the author of the paper and San Diego State University research professor, John Ayers, said that internet searches on the topic of suicide are increasing and thousands of more people are now trying to find suicide methods online.

The TV series premiered in March 2017 and the second season is currently being produced. The results of the paper have caused a stir and according to the Telegraph, Ayers has said they want Netflix to remove the show and re-edit it within World Health Organization guidelines before putting it back on the streaming site. He suggested that the second season could be tested before it's released to stop "unintended results".

"13 Reasons Why" tackles tough subject

Since its release in March, the series has caused a lot of controversies. Many people believe that raising awareness about bullying and suicide through such a show is an important step forward, while others insist that the show could be a potential trigger to those suffering from mental illness.

When the first season was released on Netflix, viewers took to Twitter and other social media sites to express their opinions of the show. According to CNN, Netflix released a statement saying that while producing the first season, numerous mental health professionals were consulted with for advice on how to approach the topics of bullying, mental health, and sexual assault.

However, Ayers said that psychiatrists are seriously worried because the series does not adhere to the World Health Organization's guidelines on how to safely report on these topics. In an interview with Vanity Fair in April, "13 Reasons Why" writer Nic Sheff said that they chose not to avoid the main character Hannah's death by suicide, a decision which she firmly stood by.

Show's first season tells story of school girl's death

In the show's first season, viewers follow the main character, Clay Jensen, as he tries to put together the events that led to the death of his crush and classmate, Hannah. Jensen, who is played by Dylan Minnette struggles to come to terms with Hannah's death. Katherine Langford plays the character of Hannah, a troubled schoolgirl who is subjected to bullying and sexual assault which eventually leads to the teenager's tragic suicide.