Game of ThronesSeason 7 Episode 4 titled “The Spoils of War” is going to be even more impressive than the previous ones. The recent Episode 3 saw Daenerys receiving a bigger jolt than she did in episode 2 and therefore, she will follow the words of Lady Olenna i.e. be a dragon. The trailer of the next episode hints at this progression but viewers should also be ready for a spectacular treat as cinematographer Robert McLachlan has said that the fourth episode would be epic.

Episode 4 trailer shows Daenerys shunning clever plans

Episode 4 of “Game of Thrones” Season 7 is going to show Daenerys in a ruthless avatar as suggested by the trailer of the coming episode.

It has her saying that she is not in favor of clever plans anymore. She tells her counsel rather angrily that she has lost all her allies and it is clear from her expression that she is going to let loose Drogon and she also does it later on. The end of the trailer shows her riding on Drogon’s back and one cannot help but think that a section of her enemies will be burnt.

Notably, events have unfolded at a pretty fast pace in “Game of Thrones” Season 7. The third episode that was aired yesterday saw Jon Snow and Daenerys finally meeting each other and after heated arguments, the Mother of Dragons relented and agreed to his proposal, letting him mine dragon glass. However, with House Tyrell defeated, the Unsullied stuck at the Casterly Rock and Yara and Ellaria taken captive, she has landed in a tough spot.

Cersei clearly has an upper hand over her and so, her rival has no option but to turn ruthless.

Robert McLachlan says episode 4 was the hardest to make

Viewers would see things turning more dramatic and spectacular in the upcoming episode titled “The Spoils of War.” Cinematographer Robert McLachlan, who has been working for the HBO fantasy show recently said that he is mighty impressed with the coming episodes of Season 7 and heaped special praise on episode 4.

He said that it will surely impress viewers and also revealed that it was the toughest of all the episodes that he has worked on in the show.

Well, if fans remember, McLachlan has been behind some really amazing episodes in the HBO series. He has worked on Episode 9 of Season 3 that featured the horrific Red Wedding and Episode 9 of Season 5 that saw Drogon rescuing Daenerys from the Daznak’s Pit. It was also the first time Dany mounted Drogon and the sequence was just awesome. Now that Episode 4 also has Drogon and Dany together as well as McLachlan, viewers should expect fireworks.