The writers behind “Luciferseason 3 have released the titles for Episode 1 and 2 respectively. The premiere definitely talks about the devil’s wings while Episode 2 supposedly references “Friends.”

Episode 1 welcomes back Lucifer’s wings

The show’s writers, on its official Twitter page called Lucifer Writers Room, revealed the premiere title early in July. Episode 1 is called “They’re Back Again, Aren’t They?” and it is written by Ildy Modrovich and directed by Karen Gaviola.

The title is very self-explanatory, now that we have a preview of the installment.

Fox released the trailer for the new season during the recent San Diego Comic Convention. Season 3 opens with where Season 2 left off right after the devil woke up in a desert to discover that his wings are back. The title clearly refers to the return of his celestial wings, which fans last saw in Season 1. His wings should be in ashes now, considering that Lucifer burned them right in front of Amenadiel. What remained was a single feather and that too is already gone, since Maze used it to heal Amenadiel in the Season 1 Finale.

However, they are indeed back and it could once again be Dad’s doing. Showrunner Joe Henderson told Syfy Wire that Season 3 deals with the devil’s reaction to the reappearance of his wings.

“The fun of it is Lucifer reacting to this, Lucifer looking back and going, ‘I don’t know why these wings are here and pretty sure it’s dad.’”

Likewise, Tom Ellis talked about his character’s suspicions that dad is once again manipulating his son by returning his wings. However, the devil will no longer allow this to happen in Season 3.

Ellis said that Lucifer will rebel against his father just to prove a point and to go against his wishes. Henderson added that the devil wants to show his father that he is different. “You want me (Lucifer) to be one thing I’m gonna show you just how wrong you are about who I am.”

The premiere of "Lucifer" Season 3 a flashback

It is likely that Episode 1 is one of the standalone episodes that were supposed to be in Season 3.

One of these episodes is a flashback to the devil's arrival in Los Angeles, right after he left Hell. This would explain Lucifer's scorched and bruised appearance.

Episode 2 a nod at “Friends”

The second episode is called “The One With The Baby Carrot.” Episode 2 is written by Henderson himself and directed by Louis Milito. The writers did not provide any other details about the episode. However, fans believe it is a reference to the series “Friends,” given that all episodes of the classic series start with the phrases “The One With” or “The One Where.”