The latest batch of Gwen Stefani photos making the rounds have fans scratching their heads once again and asking the big questions, "Is Gwen Stefani pregnant with Blake Shelton's baby?"

Baby Bump, or brunch ... Gwen Stefani pregnancy questioned again

This age old question has been popping up pretty much on a weekly basis ever since the two celebrities first got together. The thing is now, Blake and Gwen have been together for two years, give or take. This means that fans that were previously holding onto hope that Blake and Miranda could reconcile can most likely move on, odds are this will never happen.

New pics have fans believing Gwen is hiding little something

Gwen already has three sons from her previous marriage to Gavin Rosedale, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo. Gwen is also 47-years-old, so her baby making time clock is most likely on the wind-down. Blake has made it more than clear he loves hanging with Gwen's boys, Many fans would love to see the fatherly side of Blake more often and are waiting for the day to arrive.

Ever since Gwen and Blake hooked up there has been nothing but baby talk surrounding these two superstars. They have joked, mocked and blocked just about every type of situation relating to the only news fans are desperate to hear. Fans have not given up hope though and are making another final plea for answers, ex-specially if the photos from last week are any indication.

Sunday's church pics have some fans sure that they have discovered that this time Gwen Stefani is hiding the beginnings of a new Baby Bump.

According to IN Touch Weekly, a source close to Stefani claims that Gwen's baby body language is there if you pay attention. The source points out Gwen's walk is different, she is holding her body position differently, and she is covering and protecting her stomach area, in the same manner, she did when she was pregnant with her last son.

One thing is for sure, if Blake and Gwen are ready to start a family together, the time would be perfect. They have been together for two years; Blake obviously adores Gwen and her children. Not to mention, they are at a great age to settle into full-time parenting. Fans are pulling for a Blake/Gwen baby and feel that at their current ages if they continue to wait much longer the idea will simply begin to vanish.

It appears as if it is destiny in fan's minds that certain celebrities should have children, on that long list include Blake Shelton, Jennifer Aniston, Leo DiCaprio, and Sandra Bullock to name a few.

What are your thoughts, could Gwen Stefani already be expecting Blake Shelton's baby, or is this something you never see happening?