Strong>bethenny frankel is one of the many celebrities, who are not sitting back and letting others help out with Hurricane Harvey victims. Frankel realized just how devastating it can be to go through such a horrible storm, as she personally experienced Sandy a few years ago. That storm hit on the east coast and Manhattan experienced strong winds and lots of rain. Sadly, the devastation in Texas is much worse than Sandy and Katrina, so Bethenny decided to do something about it. She has gotten the help of her "The Real Housewives of New York" fans, who had no problem donating money to help people in need.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is doing very well in her collection of money. She spent the day doing something she called very important and she revealed that she had raised $50,000 to help people in need. Frankel pleaded with people on social media, asking them to donate money to her charity, B Strong. She wanted to send supplies to people in need and fund rescues for people who are still stuck in their homes.

Helping storm victims

It is definitely admirable that Bethenny Frankel is doing her share of hard work to help those in need. On social media, many celebrities are donating money to help people in need. Athletes, musicians, and actors have all stepped up to help people in need.

They are clearly in need of some help, as it will be weeks before they can return home to their homes. As for Frankel, she feels as if she is doing a good job helping those in need and her fan base have definitely stepped up to assist in the process. As Bethenny revealed on Twitter, she had definitely done something great and shifted her focus to helping people.

B Strong

Of course, Bethenny Frankel is all about helping people in need.

This year, Frankel launched B Strong, a charity designed to help women in need. She herself felt lost in her divorce from Jason Hoppy and she wishes that someone was there for her when she needed help. Frankel has called the divorce for "pure hell" as he has done everything possible to ruin her. He has been charged with stalking and harassment but has denied his guilt. One can imagine he will go to trial if he keeps denying the charges. Bethenny launched her charity to help women who are in similar situations. She's clearly on the path to success, as she's stepping up her business game and moving forward in helping people.

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel's decision to raise money for Harvey victims?