The soundtrack spoiler for "GOT" Season 7 carries tracks from the upcoming finale and if one takes a look at Ramin Djawadi’s composition, one will find a good number of teasers. They hint at Jon-Dany coming together, trouble for Jaime-Cersei and revelation of Jon Snow’s parentage. What is more, speculations about deaths of some major characters have been making the rounds.

'No One Walks Away From Me' and 'Truth' suggest trouble and big revelation

The Season 7 soundtrack of “Game of Thrones” carries “No One Walks Away from” at no. 21 and it has the splashes of “The Light of the Seven,” the ominous track that played in season 6 when Cersei unleashed wildfire leading to the explosion of the Sept and destruction of her enemies in one go.

So, this time Cersei is at the center stage and there is only one person she would like to stop from walking away from her is Jaime. Her twin brother is disenchanted with her and it looks like the finale might prove to be the last nail in the coffin. The no. 22 track “Truth” appears to be connected to the revelation of Jon Snow’s parentage and the title of the season further bolsters this musical clue.

'Dragonglass' theme to be love anthem for Jon-Dany

The “Dragonglass” track that played in the current season’s fourth episode shares musical notes with the no.22 track and fans believe that it is the official love theme for Jon and Dany. This track played when Jon and Dany were inside the Dragonstone cave and theories suggest that this track is also connected with the earlier tracks “Love in the Eyes” and “You Know Nothing” that had Dany and Jon’s first love, Drogo and Ygritte respectively.

These two carry droning G and C musical notes respectively, which connects with the opening credit song of the HBO series and thus, it is evident that ice and fire were always meant to be together.

Theon, Euron, Littlefinger, Beric, The Hound, The Mountain, Jaime and Cersei face death

While these events are significant, the season 7 finale might also witness major deaths and Littlefinger is the top favorite on this list.

His end seems near and it would be super satisfying, but the same cannot be said for The Hound and Theon. Both appear to be deemed and so does Beric Dondarrion, who has lost his life-giver.

Among others, Euron and The Mountain do not seem to have good chances of survival either, but the most surprising of the lot are Jaime and Cersei. Many believe that either of them could die in the finale as both need to get rid of each other to carry on in the game.