The MTV Video Music Awards 2017 will be hosted by Katy Perry, and everyone is waiting with bated breath to see if she and Taylor Swift will appear together on stage after their long feud. All eyes would also be on Kendrick Lamar as he is expected to comment on the socio-political atmosphere with the Moon Person also being in the spotlight for making debut this year.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift reunion on cards!

Katy Perry is the official host of this year’s award ceremony, and audiences will get to see her performing a medley of her songs. On the other hand, Taylor Swift would also be releasing the music video of her latest single “Look What You Made Me Do,” which is said to be aimed at Kanye West.

If fans remember, the rapper had created a scene of sorts at the MTV VMAs 2009 when he stormed the stage protesting Swift’s win for the Best Female Video. Last year also saw the duo locking horns with each other after West came up with controversial lyrics in his single “Famous.”

However, it is not just West, Perry also ruffled her the wrong way and vice-versa but as the two songstresses have events scheduled at the awards ceremony, fans are excited to see how things would eventually play out. While the show producer has said that the two would not be sharing the stage, fans are hoping for the best. Notably, MTV VMAs is famous for its nasty encounters, sugary reunions, and scandalous stuff. So, it should not be a surprise if Perry and Swift reunite.

Kendrick Lamar to speak out on political strife

MTV VMAs has been known to give artists a platform to voice their opinion against established norms and with Trump administration in charge, this year’s event is sure to kick some storm. Kendrick Lamar, who has got eight nominations in his kitty, will most likely speak up on the matter.

Even the producers of the show feel that in the current times' artists like Lamar are the need of the hour and this year’s event will allow artists more freedom to speak up against the system.

Moon Person quashes gender norms

Apart from choosing Katy Perry as the host, the Mtv Vma 2017 has also replaced the Moonman statue with a new Moon Person.

It has also done away with Best Male and Female Video categories, replacing them with a single “Best Artist of The Year.” These are steps in a revolutionary direction that seeks to challenge the gender norms. Lastly, the new award category of “Best Fight Against The System” has been introduced to put forth the ceremony’s message of rising against the system.