After a 15-year hiatus actress Goldie Hawn appeared in a new movie called "Snatched" this year. The 71-year-old star recently posted a touching Instagram tribute and a video with Kurt Russell showing herself in a sexy black bathing suit. The movie, throwback picture, and video had folks asking: Does "Private Benjamin" ever age? They restarted those weight loss and plastic surgery rumors as well.

Goldie Hawn forever young?

After the death her best friend, Hawn uploaded an image of herself and her pal. At first it looked like it was from years back.

But the black and white may have been misleading because the Oscar-winning celebrity doesn't look that much different. Goldie captioned the photo with a reminder to treasure loved ones. She and former Disney child star Kurt Russell seemed to have found the secret to that. Hawn had two short, failed marriages (including to Hudson Brothers star Bill Hudson). He was briefly married to Season Hubley. The two have been happily unmarried together for 34 years.

The Goldie Hawn diet

The willowy "It Girl" has never been overweight. She's certainly never struggled with obesity like Kurt Russell or his "Tombstone" co-star Val Kilmer have. "Snatched" co-star Amy Schumer has had issues with weight. You'd expect that with age would come embonpoint which is polite French for a tendency to get tubby.

Goldie probably has good genes like Sofia Vergara. Daughter Kate Hudson certainly has a trim, flaunt-worthy body to match her newly shaved head.

Pernicious plastic surgery specter

Cosmetic surgery watchers are pretty sure Goldie Hawn has had a lot of work done: facelift and Botox, and maybe liposuction or coolsculpting. Some swear that she's had a breast implant procedure and a tummy tuck.

But they always question plastic surgery with any moderately good looking celebrity. It seems to be humankind's lot to assume that beauty is fake. The star's recent swimsuit picture showed some cellulite, saggy skin and pudge. But folks said she's outshone many one-third her age.

Treat depression, beat obesity

Goldie Hawn appeared on the "Dr.

Oz Show" to talk about depression and its detriment on health. Although the celebrity retains her Jewish faith and doesn't call herself a Buddhist, she does practice meditation. She and the TV doctor identified that joy and peace of mind are some of the best weight loss tools. And that brings it full-circle back to Goldie's Instagram post to cherish loved ones while they are here and mourn them when they are gone.