He's baa-ack: Steven Assanti, the bombastic bariatric surgery patient of "My 600-lb Life," promised a return to season 6 of the reality TV show after trash-talking TLC. What's more, he claims to have kicked drugs and can't understand why people still call him an addict. Dr Younan Nowzaradan vetoed Assanti's gastric bypass surgery after the 34-year-old made such a nightmare of himself. The once 850-lb man has lied and made contradictory statements about weight loss and Dr. Now. He's so disliked that there is an anti-Assanti Facebook group. Is Steven a maligned martyr or the "big, fat liar" so many have pegged him?

Steven Assanti returns to 'My 600-lb Life' after flounce?

That's what he says, but Mr. Assanti also proclaimed himself done with "My 600-lb Life" just a few months ago, too. He threatened to bring action against TLC and Megalomedia (the reality television show's parent company) for unnamed abuses. The morbidly obese man hinted that he and other stars like Bettiejo Elmore had dirt on them all. In his version, Steven left the show. But viewers know Dr. Now removed him, not the other way around. Assanti's been ejected from another bariatric surgery for blatantly disregarding the gastric bypass diet.

Steven Assanti boosts ratings?

Fans of the reality TV show don't know what to believe. Will Steven return to "My 600-lb Life" or not?

They saw Dr. Nowzaradan give him many chances to detox, all of which Steven blew. They saw the obesity patient sent down for bad behavior. They saw his horrific bullying of everyone. This isn't the first time Assanti has contradicted himself on Youtube rants, Twitter tweets and Facebook posts. Half the things he posts, Steven later takes down.

But this 600-lb overweight lad is also ratings gold for TLC. He's the guy fans most love to hate.

Steven Assanti: opioid drug lord

So Assanti is hardly the model patient. He's the poster child for victimizing, manipulative obesity. Steven was sent to rehab to get off prescription painkillers. Dr. Nowzaradan knew that weight loss couldn't happen until his patient found recovery.

But Assanti was hellbent on getting his drugs one way or another. He bragged to the detox doc about how he was able to con ER doctors into feeding him IV hydrocodone and oral Tramadol and then prescribing enough oxycodone to fell an ox.

Steven Assanti is clean?

Assanti now swears on Facebook that he's "clean" of opioid drugs." He resents people calling him a drug addict and berates them as judgmental of addiction. However, "My 600-lb Life" viewers watched him bully everyone when he wanted drugs and mock them when he was high. They saw him throw urine on reality television in a drug-induced tantrum. So Steven will pardon them not being immediately convinced of his sobriety. Talk isn't cheap, it's free. And until Steven proves himself sober, it's just more hot air.