Big Brother 19 spoilers provide some bad news for the primary showmance this season. The "BB19" cast will have another Eviction Ceremony on Thursday evening (August 10), and it may not be surprising who goes home tonight. While Head of Household Josh Martinez had set his sights on getting Elena Davies evicted next, he wasn't successful in that quest. Instead, Jessica Graf is about to get evicted, bringing an end to her showmance with Cody Nickson.

Jessica Graf, who goes home tonight on "Big Brother 19", becomes the sixth contestant to be ineligible for the $500,000 cash prize.

Fan site Joker's Updates will be blacking out her photo on the "BB19" cast page, ending her run as the villain of the season. That could clear the way for Cody Nickson, who is expected to go out for revenge over the next few weeks, to take over that starring role in the cast. Jessica joins Megan Lowder, Jillian Parker, Dominique Cooper, Cameron Heard, and Ramses Soto on the outside of the “BB19” house.

Will alliances shift within the ‘BB19’ cast?

Kevin Schlehuber and Alex Ow had been discussing the possibility of working with Cody once Jessica had been evicted, but that idea has been filed in the round bin. When Cody Nickson blew up on Josh Martinez again this past week, he took it out on the entire “BB19” house.

At that point, Kevin didn't want anything to do with Cody, as he continues to have a soft spot for Josh, despite his use of the pots and pans.

"Big Brother 19: Episode 21" will air at 9 p.m. PT/ET on Thursday, August 10. It will begin with a recap of what took place during Week 6 of the show, covering how Josh Martinez won the Head of Household Competition, Cody Nickson won the Temptation Competition, and then Mark Jansen won the Power of Veto.

The three houseguests facing eviction on August 10 are Jessica Graf, Elena Davies, and Raven Walton. Jessica was the last place in the Temptation Competition, Elena was an original nominee, and Raven was a volunteer pawn as a replacement nominee.

How will the eviction vote play out on August 10?

As for the August 10 eviction vote, it is going to be 7-1 to send Jessica Graf home.

Jason Dent had been thinking about throwing a vote to Raven Walton as a way to create some drama in the “BB19” house, but Paul Abrahamian ended up talking him out of it. There had also been the thought that Mark Jansen would vote against Raven simply to not have to vote against Jessica Graf or Elena Davies. That doesn't look to be the case any longer, as only Cody Nickson is expected to vote for someone other than Jessica. This has become obvious on the live feeds.

The Head of Household Competition on Thursday night is going to be an important one. Paul Abrahamian is eligible to play again after sitting out the last one, presenting an interesting head-to-head competition between himself and Cody Nickson.

A new person is about to take power in the “BB19” house, but it also comes with the realization that everyone remaining in the game will at least make it to the jury house. Fans should expect a lot of new “Big Brother 19” spoilers to come out on the live feeds following the Thursday night show on CBS.