Ellen DeGeneres has opened up about the bullying she faced after coming out as a lesbian in 1997. The comedian and TV show host spoke candidly with Good Housekeeping about her life for their September issue. DeGeneres is famed for appearing on the cover of TIME Magazine in April 1997, confirming her sexuality with the simple words "Yep, I'm gay." The star's coming out shocked many at the time, according to TIME.

Previously, Ellen had stressed that her public and private life were very much separate, and she had avoided interview questions related to her sexuality.

However, after Ellen came out publicly, her character on her TV show, "Ellen," also came out as gay. Ellen was now playing the first main character on American TV to be homosexual, according to TIME. While Ellen's coming out may have shocked the public, what followed for the star afterward is even more shocking.

Ellen speaks about hatred that followed after her coming out

Speaking to Good Housekeeping, Ellen revealed the difficulties she faced after coming out. The star said that she felt alone and isolated after she came out, with her sitcom being canceled and other opportunities suddenly being affected also. Ellen told the publication that she left Los Angeles and was put on antidepressants to try and help her through one of the darkest times in her life.

The star added that she began going to therapy and described the bullying as being so severe that it "made up for" her not experiencing any as a child.

Ellen said she had thrown everything into her work for 30 years, and after revealing her sexuality, she was left with nothing. The star described the anger she felt at the reaction from everyone, as she had not changed as a person and there was nothing different about her.

Ellen's case is one that many LGBT people can relate to. Thankfully, she managed to fight her way through the depression. Ellen told Good Housekeeping that she gradually overcame the darkness through working out, meditating, and writing.

Ellen's tips for living a happy life

The star also shared her tips for a happy and healthy life with the publication.

Ellen believes that one of the most important things in life is to be nice to others. She added that fear breeds aggression and causes people to be defensive. However, the star says everyone has the same basic needs - "love, safety, and understanding." Ellen also shared her thoughts on individuality, stressing that it's important to be yourself and not change for any reasons except your own. Her other tips included forgiving others, setting good examples, making time for loved ones, and living your passions.