"Suits" Season 7 recently premiered on USA Network and it looks like a bunch of new dramas and intense cases are on the way for Harvey and the rest of the team from Pearson Specter Litt. While there seemed to be some potential for Harvey and Donna to finally consider having a relationship with each other, spoilers for the upcoming episode tease that this can go both ways.

Darvey romance: What are the odds?

The odds to see Donna and Harvey, whom fans aptly call "Darvey," pursue a romantic relationship on "Suits" Season 7 are equally split in half.

Per Carter Matt, the synopsis for the upcoming episode entitled "The Statue," reveals that Harvey will be making a bold move that would cause him issues with his partners. The publication notes on the possibility that this "bold move" entails either Harvey promoting Donna as a senior partner or Harvey pursuing a romantic relationship with his therapist, Paula.

These facts are all based on the events that took place on the "Suits" Season 7 premiere. During the said episode, Harvey admitted that he was open to the possibility of dating Paula. At the same time, the possibility of promoting Donna as his partner has been opened up. Should Harvey consider going for the latter option, then this would mean that there are no chances for him and Donna to finally explore the romantic side of their relationship this season.

Gina Torres returns to the USA legal series

While Harvey definitely has a lot of things to handle this season, "Suits" Season 7 spoilers from TV Line reveal that Gina Torres may still return to the show's upcoming episodes despite the fact that the actress has left the show in the middle of Season 6. As most fans can recall, Torres' character, Jessica, decided to leave Harvey, the team, and the firm in order to follow her dreams and passion.

This left Harvey with a lot of things to manage, including fighting for the position with Louis. While Jessica's return on the last season was a welcome one, executive producer Aaron Korsh teased that her upcoming appearances may no longer be viewed the same way.

"Sometimes because she’s wanted. And sometimes, maybe, because she’s not," he said.

This made a lot of fans wonder whether Torres' return on "Suits" Season 7 meant that Jessica will start her own firm. After all, the USA legal drama revealed that it was considering to do a spinoff series based on Torres' character alone. This could mean the end of Jessica's friendship with Harvey, Louis, Mike and the rest of the team from the firm.

Do you think Harvey will choose Paula over Donna?