Jinger Duggar may be stepping out of her family's comfort zone by donning jeans and Air Jordans in one of her latest Instagram posts, but this doesn't mean the wife of pastor Jeremy Vuolo is abandoning her Christian ideals any time soon. Jeremy recently took to Twitter to sing the praises of a new creationist film that was recently released called "Genesis: Paradise Lost." This Biblical creationist film shows the Garden Of Eden as a place where humans and dinosaurs interacted and that Adam and Eve lost their paradise when Eve took a bite of the forbidden apple.

The pair adored the film, which needs several hundred thousand dollars in order to make it into theaters. It is currently being crowdfunded and is less than a hundred thousand dollars away from their goal, and no doubt the couple's glowing reference sent in more donations.

The Duggars have a long history of creationism

The Duggar family, who are staunch Christians, have never swayed from their belief in creationism, or the idea the God created the world in six days. As such, the family eschews the idea that dinosaurs roamed the Earth millions of years ago, as they do not believe the Earth is that old. The family has been seen at the Creationist Museum in Kentucky, where there are images of humans riding dinosaurs, which they believe to be a true aspect of their religion.

The Duggar family takes the Bible literally, so they believe that the world is just as it is described in their version of the Bible.

The Duggar family also supports the Ark Experience, which is supposed to be an exact recreation of Noah's Ark that allows visitors to get their head around how Noah was able to get all of the animals of the world on the boat.

About 'Genesis: Paradise Lost'

The film Jinger and Jeremy are so excited about is a 3-D presentation of the Book of Genesis, which was created specifically for a Christian audience.

The film, which is supposed to appeal to people of all ages, shows what Christian visionaries believe the Garden of Eden looked like during the days before Eve helped the garden fall by eating the Forbidden Fruit (which is largely known as an apple, but is actually a lime in some Jewish cultures). The creators of the film say their mission is to convince people that Genesis is a true account of what happened during that time, so that they can then better convince people that Jesus' Gospel, which is the "continuation" of the Old Testament is also true.