The soap world is abuzz regarding the return of Steve Burton to "General Hospital." There is a lot of excitement and anticipation because it has not yet bee revealed which character he will portray. With all due respect, should the original Jason Morgan making the decision to come back to Port Charles, be at the expense of Billy Miller and other cast mates?

The saga of Jason Morgan Steve Burton and Billy Miller

I understand bringing back a favorite character if his or her replacement is not working, but Billy Miller is doing a fantastic job as Jason.

He has worked hard and has a strong connection to the people in Port Charles. Had Miller decided to leave the role, it would make sense to bring back Steve Burton who is a fan favorite. The circumstances that have brought "General Hospital" and the viewers to this point, however, are suspect.

Burton left the role of Jason years ago, stating that he was going to spend time with his family. When asked about another role on daytime drama, he said he would not be interested. Shortly after this, he began portraying Dylan McAvoy on the CBS drama "The Young and the Restless." As with Jason, fans loved Dylan but Steve Burton walked away from that popular character as well. Now he and the powers that be on "General Hospital" want to disrupt the set up once more.

Favorite characters may be collateral damage because of Jason

Spoiler alerts have suggested that other GH characters will be collateral damage for bringing Steve Burton at the right price. Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati),and Billy Miller are teased to be possible casualties and Hayden Barnes,(Rebecca Budding) is already gone. To be fair, the fate of these characters may not necessarily be tied to the return of the man who originated Jason Morgan, but the timing is suspect.

The hype over Steve Burton's return is expected because he is a beloved actor and both his characters Dylan and Jason were favorites with the fans. There are probably those who watch "General Hospital" who don't care about the fate of the other actors, and they simply want to see Burton back in action, whether he is the original Jason or a different character.

Spoiler alerts indicate that when Burton returns things will really heat up in Port Charles. it would be nice if fans knew whether or not both he and Billy Miller will be sharing the screen, and who will be the real Jason Morgan.. Either way, viewers will be excited to see a familiar face on GH. What needs to be kept in mind, however, is the fact that actors can be temperamental and they are not married to a particular role. There is also the fact that those in charge can make decisions that fans do not agree with. it's a hazard of the industry.