Javi Marroquin from "Teen Mom 2" may not be filming the show as much as before because he is now divorced from Kailyn Lowry. Kailyn is one of the original "Teen Mom 2” stars and she is filming the show as she's going through her third pregnancy by third man. While her storyline has completely changed over the past year, it sounds like Javi was left out in the cold when it comes to the show.

As fans of the show know, Javi is spending his time with his friends, trying to understand how his ex-wife got pregnant just one month after they finalized their divorce.

Of course, Lowry has explained that she got pregnant because her doctors told her she couldn't have any more children and if she wanted to have a baby, the time would be now. Kailyn decided to pursue the pregnancy even though she knew it was risky.

Is he losing his MTV pay?

Javi probably has to watch his finances as he may not make as much in the Air Force as he does for his role on MTV. He has previously talked about how the how the Air Force doesn't pay for him to sit first class when he flies on airplanes and how he has to fund many things out of pocket.

With his MTV pay check possibly decreasing because he has now divorced Kailyn Lowry, it sounds like Javi may be looking for additional money to pay for his lifestyle.

This week, he revealed that he is now doing Instagram and Twitter ads for Investigation Discovery. It seems like an odd move for him to do these kinds of ads, as he is being paid to try and get more viewers to the channel. To make the ads more appealing, it sure helps that he tweets live as the show airs.

Kailyn may keep her money from MTV

As for Kailyn, she may not be looking elsewhere for money. She has revealed that she really loves interior design and she has been saving some of her MTV money to complete her education. It sounds like she is more than excited to start on her life as a mother of three. Despite getting an education, it doesn’t sound like working is a necessity right now.

As for Marroquin, he may continue to get paid by MTV for the work he does do for them. As revealed by last week's episode, he does return and film some scenes as they are interested in what he does after the divorce from Lowry. Perhaps he's getting the same deal as Adam Lind, who is Chelsea DeBoer's ex-boyfriend.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin Making Money from Instagram and Twitter ads? Are you surprised that he is being paid by Investigation Discovery to share information about their shows?