"Big Brother 19" has showcased a good mix of personalities this year. Fans have enjoyed almost constant drama and chaos by the strangers that have been locked in the house trying to be the last one standing.

Thursday night was the double eviction. "Big Brother 19" fans watched as Elena and Mark were nominated by Jason, which ended her eviction from the house. Elena joins the second spot in the Jury House to help decide the winner on finale night. During her exit interview, it was obvious that she was a little salty over being evicted.

Nope. Taking the money didn't cost me the game!

According to "Joker's Updates," the former "Big Brother 19" houseguest feels that she was the target of Alex no matter what. Remember, it was Jason that sent her home and Alex's HOH had ended earlier in the evening with Cody's eviction. If Alex really wanted Elena out, she had the chance and didn't take it. The $5,000 prize Elena took, leaving Alex with the punishment of being a happy camper, was the big beef between Alex and Elena. She felt that whether she had taken the money or not, she would have been the target.

Elena also shared that she felt no need to blow up anyone's game during her final speech. Cody had just done that so she took her time to say a goodbye to the "Big Brother 19" house.

She could have told Paul that Jason had said he was going to target him. Mark and Jason have had conversations about when to go after Paul in order to protect their game. Of course, Mark had told Elena all about it. She felt that if she said anything, it could further jeopardize Mark's game.

What has she excelled in again?

Elena wasn't a great competitor in the house.

She never won a Head of Household, Power of Veto, or Temptation Competition. She totally relied on sensuality to get where she did in the game. With Mark drawn to her, she used him to further her game. As soon as it looked like the relationship may be putting a target on her, she told Mark she wanted to distance herself from him in the game.

Remember when right after that they were nominated, and Mark won the POV? She really wanted him to use it on her, but she had just dumped him. He gave her the distance she requested and used the POV to save himself.

Elena could have taken the top spot for rubbing on male houseguests. For a while, Paul seemed to be her favorite. He would even ask for a head rub from her every now and then. Paul saw through her, however, and never considered her to be trustworthy.

Do you think Elena's game was good enough for her to call the others "wussies?" Are you happy with the group that remains in the "Big Brother 19" house? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.