Game of Thrones” season 7 Episode 5 titled “Eastwatch” featured the return of some characters who have not been visible in the series for quite some time. It also presented significant storylines instead of intense action. Writer Dave Hill discussed the highlights behind the return of the characters.

With the appearance of some already missing characters, fans of the hit series encountered some mind-boggling plots from episode 5. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the episode writer gave out more details behind several plots presented in last night’s “Eastwatch.”

Jaime Lannister is still alive, but is he on the losing end?

The episode showed Bronn pulled him out of the water.

Jaime Lannister obviously survived, Forbes has noted. However, despite the help of the former, he realized it is unlikely for them to defeat their opponents.

It seems that the Lannisters were quickly taken down in the battle with Dany in the open field. The writer explained it was a first for Jaime to face such battle and unfortunate fallout. The next challenge is for Jaime to convince Cersei, which is equally difficult as defeating Dany along with her dragons.

Jaime and Tyrion’s reunion

Episode 5 also featured a short scene of the reunion of Jaime and Tyrion. Now that the Lannister brothers are reunited, the series is turning out to be more interesting. They are known to be always opposing each other, but it seems that blood is thicker than water and they would end up to be allies as well.

Hill said Jaime recognizes that Tyrion was telling the truth about the Army of the Dead, even though the former is not entirely convinced. The writer teased they would further explore this arc in the succeeding episodes.

Gendry is back too!

Hill revealed that they originally planned to recur the character of Gendry in the series.

He also admitted they almost tried to bring back this character in the previous season.

The writer also teased that they intended to include Gendry in season 7. He also revealed they prepared a big mission for him. Unfortunately, Hill no longer disclosed additional details of their planned mission for this character.

Dany and the Tarlys

The last episode of "Game of Thrones" showed how Dany executed the Tarlys for disrespecting and disobeying her as their queen. For defense, Hill emphasized the fact that the former still gave the latter a choice, to either die or bend the knee.

Furthermore, the writer also explained that the queen even gave them an escape, but they refused and chose the horrible death. Hill also called it a “win-win situation” but the Tarlys eventually lost for their decision to continuously rebel.