Kylie Jenner was in a three-year on and off relationship with rapper Tyga, but they eventually broke up in March 2017. The lip mogul then made headlines when she was spotted getting cozy with rapper Travis Scott and has confirmed that she is now dating him. During her 20th birthday, her new rapper boyfriend got her a butterfly necklace present, which is reportedly a million dollars worth and fans are impressed. A month after her breakup with Ty, the reality star got rid of her ‘t’ tattoo replaced with a new ‘la’ initials as well as another matching butterfly tattoo with her new boyfriend.

Now, it seems that Kylizzle regrets dating her old flame and wants to get him out of her system.

Kylizzle regrets

Kylie Jenner has her reality show titled “Life of Kylie” that premiered on E!. The promo for the upcoming episode, which airs on August 20, hinted that she seemed to have regrets that she dated Tyga. “I want to pretend like it just never happened,” she said in the sneak peek when news about their split was featured in the promo.

Other fans though suggest that the lip mogul might be also tired with all those reports about her breakup with him and just wants to move on with her new life now. However, there are people who are seemed not convinced that she doesn’t want those reports about her, especially that she is known for loving the attention she gets.

Kylie Jenner has never opened up about the real cause of her breakup with Tyga but fans are hoping to know more about it once the upcoming episode of “Life of Kylie” airs this weekend. Although Ty won’t appear in Kylizzle’s new reality show (we assume he won’t), it’s pretty possible that their split will also be one of the topics in the show.

This is of course, needless to say, it’s a reality show that talks about her life and everything around her. Since the show is about her, many fans are wondering if she will finally admit that she has gone under the knife following her drastic body transformation.

Did she undergo multiple surgeries?

Kylie Jenner has made most fans buzzing after she posted her sizzling hot photos on Instagram and all fans only have one question in mind.

Did she undergo multiple surgeries? Her boobs and butt photos are one of the hot-topics among fans. Yesterday, she posted another butt photo, where she was wearing a leopard thong bikini that shows her bum, which appears to be bigger than before. She never said anything about getting surgeries but an insider recently told Hollywood Life that if she did, she’d never tell.

Do you think that Kylie Jenner really has regrets about dating Tyga?