Will Sansa betray the other Starks? Is she really going to team up with Petyr Baelish? Is she going to be played by Littlefinger? Today we'll try to answer these questions. Since the beginning of "Game of Thrones" season 7, fans have criticized Sansa, considering her recent actions as a proof that she craves power just like Littlefinger. Well, we think this is not true. We think, actually, that we might have been tricked by the show's writers.

Those terrible glimpses

In more than one occasion Sansa undermined Jon Snow's authority in public, and the fans disapproved her behavior, but what made all of us think that Lady Stark could betray her family members were a few glances she exchanged with Petyr Baelish.

You can see the most iconic of these looks at the end of the following video:

As you can see, as soon as Jon tells Sansa that the North is hers, Lady Stark look at Littlefinger. These kind of ambiguous glimpses are what we think the writer used to mislead us.

Sansa 'is much smarter than she lets on'

If you forget about the misleading looks you will easily realize that Sansa still loves Bran, Arya, and Jon and that she hates Petyr Baelish. Almost every Sansa's line in "Game of Thrones" season 7 remarks how much she's worried about Littlefinger and how much she hates him.

In the first episode of season 7, Sansa object Jon's judgment in the Great Hall, but when they're alone and Sansa admits she learned a great deal from Cersei, it's pretty clear that she plans to make good use of what she learned from the worst human beings (Cersei and Littlefinger).

She wants to help the people she cares about in avoiding the mistakes that Eddard and Robb Stark have made. In the same episode, there is a scene with Sansa and Littlefinger alone. She hates Littlefinger's presence and how she tries to play on her fears and desires, and dismiss him with a sharp line: “No need to seize the last word, Lord Baelish.

I’ll assume it was something clever." When Brienne asks her about what Baelish would want, Sansa replies in an annoyed tone of voice that she knows exactly what he wants.

Every Sansa and Littlefinger scene proves that Sansa despises Lord Baelish. In "The Queen's Justice" Lady Stark tells Littlefinger - who is stalking her as usual - that she knows very well how dangerous Cersei is since the queen killed half of her family.

It's clear that she's annoyed by his unrequested advice.

Sansa in 'The Spoils of War'

The last episode of "Game of Thrones" confirms, once again, that Sansa is aware of how much Littlefinger is dangerous. During the Godswood scene, when Bran shows the dagger Littlefinger gave him, Sansa looks genuinely worried for his brother. She says that Baelish is not a generous man, that he wouldn't give anyone anything "unless he thought he was getting something back." In other words, Lady Stark warns the other members of her family that Littlefinger cannot be trusted. Ever.

This is actually pretty logical. Sansa knows Baelish very well. He even sold her to Ramsay Bolton, the monster who abused and raped her!

If you don't consider those ambiguous looks between Sansa and Baelish, it's clear that Sansa sees him as a big problem.

A quick recap about Sansa in "GOT" season 7:

  • She's aware of how dangerous Baelish is.
  • She knows Baelish is a murderer.
  • She hates him for what happened to her in the past.
  • She really doesn't want to be his queen.
  • She's still very attached to her brother and sister.

If you consider all these points, it looks very unlikely for Sansa to team up with Lord Baelish. We think that she hates him and she's actually going to fight him at the right time. Don't forget what Tyrion Lannister told Jon Snow in episode 3: Lady Stark "is much smarter than she lets on"!

The fifth episode of "Game of Thrones" season 7, titled "Eastwatch", will air on August 13, on HBO.