Game of ThronesSeason 7 Episode 4 titled “The Spoils Of War” may have leaked online but those who watched it on Sunday enjoyed it thoroughly because it was worth watching multiple times. The epic episode gave viewers many scenes that will remain etched in their memories for a long time.

The reunions and the glares

The fourth episode of Season 7 was high on reunions and quasi-reunions that were bittersweet and confrontational in nature. Sansa and Arya met each other after years at their home and though it was sedate on the surface it was tragic to the core at heart.

It reflected the undesirable changes that time has brought in their lives and how they can never go back to their pleasant childhood selves, no matter how much they try.

Theon and Jon meeting on the island was an unpredictable reunion and also the bitterest as the Jon just could not forget that Theon had betrayed his brother despite being his friend. If Bran and Littlefinger’s meeting could also be called a reunion, it was the best for it did freak the h*ll out of the shrewd Lord when Bran quoted his words about chaos.

Drogon and the Dothraki in the battlefield

“The Spoils of War” will be best remembered for its battle scene as it was a notch above “Battle of the Bastards.” Dany launched Drogon into the battlefield for the first time and he was just magnificent burning the Lannister soldiers with precise gusts of fire and letting the barbaric Dothraki fighters take on the disciplined army from the King’s Landing in a strategic manner.

The chaos of the battle field was executed with so much clarity that one could observe all the details of the fight and everything from the Lannister soldiers cowering in fear to Bronn getting chased by a Dothraki soldier, to Jaime charging at Dany which was brilliant.

The pessimism underlying the epic war

Season 7 of “Game of Thrones” has been quick in wrapping up events as the war has finally come to a head but the fourth episode did underline the futility of fighting and how it is won at the cost of innocent human lives.

Jaime Lannister’s prophetic and poignant words to Bronn about how he could keep all the castles after the war as no one will be there to take them away from him were a grim reminder of the darkness that follows every war.

Also, the concern and dilemma on Tyrion’s face as he watched his brother on the opposite side of the battlefield, brought to fore the reality of the double-edged consequences that follow when one decides to go against one’s own family.