Irish songwriter Sinead O’Connor posted a video to her Facebook page on August 4, saying she is living in a motel in New Jersey and “fighting for her life.” She said she posted the 12-minute video to plead for help and to also help others who, like her, are struggling with mental health issues.

Sinead O'Connor feels alone and isolated

O’Connor, 50, rose to fame in 1990 for her song “Nothing Compares 2 U,” and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In the video she made in the South Hackensack Travelodge motel, she said she feels alone after losing custody of her 13-year-old son.

According to O’Connor she feels "isolated" and said it is only her psychiatrist and doctor that are currently keeping her alive.

Singer hopes to help others with mental health issues

As reported by, O’Connor, who is crying through most of the video, said she hopes her video is somehow helpful to others as she knows she is one of the millions who are suffering from mental disorders and doesn't have the same resources she has. The songwriter said she has been alone for two years as a punishment by her family for her mental illness and for being suicidal and angry.

She said people with mental illnesses are the most vulnerable and people need to take care of them.

South Hackensack Police try to check up on Sinead O'Connor

As reported by the New York Daily News, after the video was posted to Facebook and her location made clear, the South Hackensack Police went to the motel to check on her, but O’Connor was not in the room at the time.

Police Capt. Robert Kaiser said O’Connor was no longer staying at the motel and that they do not know her current location. However, a post was reportedly made to Facebook on O’Connor’s behalf on Monday to say she was OK.

Singer Annie Lennox concerned about O'Connor

The Independent reports that singer Annie Lennox had seen O’Connor’s video and found it “truly distressing.” Lennox posted to her own Facebook page to say she had seen the call for help from the motel in New Jersey, which says O’Connor only has a psychiatrist and doctor to help her and asked why there are no friends or family members to help O’Connor.

Lennox went on to say that she realizes O’Connor has serious mental health problems but said she is concerned for her safety, asking if anyone could be with the songwriter to give her support.

O’Connor has opened up about her struggle with mental illness and suicidal thoughts before with videos posted to Facebook. She told Oprah in 2007 of her bipolar diagnosis and how she tried to commit suicide on her 33rd birthday. In June last year, a search was launched after O’Connor disappeared when cycling with friends. However, after a police investigation, she was found to be safe and well.