What is Littlefinger up to? This very question has been bothering the fans ever since the first Season 7 trailer dropped and now, with only two episodes left in this season, all we can say is that he is still doing what he does best -- creating chaos.

This time chaos is all about creating conflict between the Stark children and in doing so Petyr Baelish is counting on their changed personalities because of all the traumatic experiences they have been through. He knows that they have a hard time trusting each other and that fact alone is a gateway to his schemes and manipulation.

Littlefinger's greatest problem

However, this is where Petyr Baelish will meet his demise. He thinks of himself as a master manipulator which comes as no surprise since he has been playing the Game of Thrones better than anyone. But now, his biggest opponent is the pack of the wounded wolves. And that means trouble.

The greatest problem for Littlefinger is, of course, Bran Stark, now the Three-eyed Raven, who seems to know everything about everyone. And not only does that include Littlefinger's betrayal over the Starks, but the things he is doing right now and also the things he is yet to do. So any conspiracies Petyr Baelish has in mind, Bran Stark knows them all.

Chaos is a ladder

Let's not forget the issue of Jon Snow, the bastard of Winterfell, who came from nothing and rose to the position of King in the North, ruining all Littlefinger's plans in the process.

All Petyr Baelish ever wanted is to hold all the power in the realm, and now he is just a shadow of a man he used to be, surrounded by the wolves. So, in order to survive, he needed to act quickly.

With Arya's return, and especially after seeing how dangerous she has become, Petyr Baelish sets in motion a plan to drive a wedge between the Stark sisters.

So knowing that he will be under a watchful eye of Arya Stark, Littlefinger received the letter in the name of Sansa Stark and made sure to be seen and heard.

Then, he just needed to lurk in the shadows and let Arya find the letter that will turn her against her sister. The letter is, of course, the one Sansa wrote in the first season, where she asked Robb to come to King's Landing to pledge fielty to her beloved Joffrey after admitting that their father committed treason.

Littlefinger knows that Sansa was forced to write the letter, but he is still hoping this will lead to chaos.

I must admit, this act was quite an ace Littlefinger pulled out of his sleeve since the things are yet again going in his favor. Still, I have a hard time believing that the sisters will fall for this. Perhaps there will be a little bit of tension, but in the end, with a little help of their all-seeing brother, things will soon come to surface and Littlefinger will finally be exposed.