Ever since "Game of Thrones" season six ended, people have started guessing who is going to die in season seven. Although every fan has his own opinion regarding this issue, there is one character in particular who has been on everyone's death list -- Petyr Baelish Littlefinger. And Season seven so far just confirmed these speculations. He tries to cause a conflict between Jon Snow and Sansa Stark. He whispers poisonous words to Sansa's ear, but it seems that even she, his loyal student, might turn against him. With that being said, it seems that this is his final season and that the only question is who is going to kill him.

Some think it's Sansa, some think it's Arya, but everyone agrees that Littlefinger is going to meet his demise in season seven. But what if everyone is wrong. After all, Lord Baelish is a master manipulator; so maybe he has a few aces up his sleeve?

A quick recap

Before jumping into what might be his master plan, let's just remember what kind of manipulator are we talking about here. Back in Season 1, Littlefinger conspired with his mistress Lysa Arryn to murder her husband, the Hand of the King at the time, Lord Jon Arryn and blame it on the Lannisters. Then he blamed Tyrion Lannister for an assassination attempt on Bran, thus starting the war between the Starks and the Lannisters. And let's not forget that he betrayed Ned Stark and probably convinced Joffrey to behead him.

In the war, he helped the Lannisters forge an alliance with the Tyrells and maybe even conspired with Tywin to organize the infamous Red Wedding.

After the war, he was granted the castle of Harenhall, but he went to the Vale to marry Lysa Arryn instead. Not stopping there, Littlefinger helped Sansa to escape King's Landing after Joffrey's death.

Then he threw Lysa through the Moon Door and after Sansa's help, he took control of the Vale army and the young lord, Robin Arryn.

Littlefinger's master plan

Just when we thought that Littlefinger got what he wanted, he married Sansa off to Ramsey Bolton while telling Cersei Lannister that the Boltons betrayed her. In this crucial scene, he offered Cersei a help to win the North.

His plan was to let the Bolton and Stannis forces fight each other and then to swoop in with his Vale army to conquer Winterfell. And in return, he asked Cersei to name him the Warden of the North.

Things didn't go as planned

However, he didn't plan for Sansa to escape and Jon Snow to abandon the Night's Watch to take the North back from the Boltons. So it was only near the end of the Battle of the Bastards that he swooped in with his Vale forces to help Jon Snow and Sansa take back their home. But he didn't get the proper credit for that, and neither did Sansa. Instead, Jon was named the King in the North and Littlefinger was left lurking in the shadows.

What is Littlefinger up to?

Since his manipulations can't seem to work on anyone in Winterfell, it's just the matter of time when someone is going to kill him.

But what if Littlefinger gets back to his original plan? What if he betrays the Starks once again? He could kidnap Sansa and deliver her back to Cersei. Or he could manipulate Sansa to marry him and betray Jon, thus making himself the King in the North. Although this might happen and Littlefinger could pull a few aces up his sleeve, I think the Stark sisters will outplay him. Sansa could manipulate him in such a way that he could think that everything is going according to his plans, but instead, he is going to end up dead. Also, Bran will be in Winterfell by episode three, and maybe he could expose some of the Littlefinger's lies sooner than we think. In any case, things don't look good for Petyr Baelish in season seven because the Starks have learned their lesson and they will not let anyone stand in their way anymore.