In one of the best episodes in "Game of Thrones" history, we could see things heating up as the season 7 progresses into its second half. While everybody is talking about that epic Field of Fire 2.0 battle and the fate of Jaime Lannister, the Winterfell scenes didn't disappoint either.

Although the Stark reunion we saw in the episode wasn't as warm as we expected, it gave us a lot to talk about while we wait for the episode five. Especially in regards to Littlefinger's position. He was able to outmaneuver the Starks before, but this time he is surrounded by the different pack of wolves.

Not to mention that ominous quote from the trailer: "When snows fall, and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives." Littlefinger is obviously the lone wolf in Winterfell, and there's not much he can do to escape the Stark justice. While we already talked about what Littlefinger could be up to in one of the previous articles, let's propose a different angle in this one.

Littlefinger is running out of options

Things haven't looked great for Littlefinger ever since Jon Snow was proclaimed the King in the North after the Battle of the Bastards. In Season 7, Littlefinger seemed to have a plan to turn Sansa and Jon against each other by whispering the poisonous words into Sansa's ear.

And just when he thought that things could finally turn to his advantage when Jon left, the other two Starks entered the Winterfell's gates. Not to mention the look on Littlefinger's face when he realized that Maester Luwin had kept a record of every raven's scroll which could prove his betrayal over Ned Stark.

And in "The Spoils of War" episode things have gotten even worse for this troublemaker.

He wanted to earn Bran's trust by giving him a Valyrian Steel dagger only to realize the true meaning of the saying "Knowledge is Power" when Bran proved that he knows everything by saying the "Chaos is a ladder" line, something Littlefinger said to Varys in the throne room seasons ago.

Littlefinger - Arya stare down

After a practice session with Brienne, when she surprised everyone with her fighting skills, Arya gave an ominous look to Littlefinger -- a look that could pretty much seal Littlefinger's fate.

You can check out the scene below:

However, we couldn't help but notice a smirk playing on his lips which means that he recognized her Bravoosi style of fighting since his great-grandfather was a Bravoosi sellsword. And when Arya said that "no one" taught her how to fight, Littlefinger noticed that as well because he probably grew up on the tales of the Faceless Men and the House of Black And White.

Of course, this could also imply that Littlefinger is somehow connected to the House of Black and White and even that he is the Faceless Man himself. But even though it would explain how he seems to know everything about everyone, we don't think that's the case. In our opinion, the expression on Littlefinger's face is the one of a desperate man because he now has one more threat to worry about.