"Game of Thrones" fans were left divided over Ed Sheeran's cameo in the Season 7 premiere. Some loved it and others just hated it. Admittedly it was the most in-your-face cameo of the series. However, fans couldn't help but wonder about the character's fate. The last he was seen he was presumed left alive by Arya after she realized that the Lannister soldiers were just following orders. That likely isn't the case after "The Spoils of War."

Ed Sheeran was likely in the battle

Jaime Lannister wouldn't have gone to High Garden without enough soldiers to comfortably take over the kingdom.

It is very likely that Ed Sheeran's character would have been there at the time the Lannister forces won. Not all the forces would have still been with the grain, as the gold had already gone ahead and was in King's Landing by the time of the battle in episode 4. Unless Sheeran's character was with that set of soldiers with the gold, he would have likely been with the grain.

There are high chances that the character died in "Game of Thrones" Season 7, Episode 4. Director Matt Shakman has alluded to the likelihood of Sheeran's character dying in the dragon fire that took out the majority of the Lannister forces. A few have survived and they have been spotted in the Episode 5 trailer, but Shakman suggested that Sheeran isn't one of them.

Ed Sheeran has another cameo coming up

While there are no more planned cameos in "Game of Thrones," the singer does have another coming up. He shared that he would appear in "The Simpsons." This wouldn't be that unrealistic or distracting considering the way the animated show handles cameos. Plenty of stars and former presidents have appeared in the show, including Bill Gates Sr.

and his wife, Tom Hanks, and Donald Trump.

Little is known about Sheeran's cameo in "The Simpsons." He isn't even on Twitter anymore to drop hints. He left the social media platform shortly after his "Game of Thrones" cameo, but not because of the hatred he got for his performance. He said he was going to delete his account anyway.

Do you think Sheeran's "Game of Thrones" character perished in the fire during "The Spoils of War?" Did you even think about that before the Twitter exchanges happened? It can be safe to say that the director wasn't really thinking about Sheeran's character at the time but that the character could realistically have perished so there's no need for him to turn up again.