Since the new Broadway adaptation of the hit Disney musical Frozen was announced, fans started following every update posted on news wires. According to a recent report from Entertainment Weekly, the production of the upcoming musical has started, and fresh details about the costumes to be used on stage revealed that they are going to be fantastic.

The website offered readers with a first glance at the main characters of the Oscar-winning movie, wearing their elaborate costumes. Fans were able to see the magnificent dresses of the characters from the animated film, especially that of Ice Queen Elsa.

Now, the viewers will be taken into a real-life experience seeing the designs made for the musical’s main stars.

Actors Caissie Levy, Patti Murin, Jelani Alladin and John Riddle are taking center stage to portray the characters of Elsa, Anna Kristoff, and Hans. The Broadway musical will be based on the 2013 hit animated film by Walt Disney. It is the latest animated movie that will be brought to life on stage by Disney Theatrical Production, the report added.

Entertainment Weekly shared a set of images featuring the characters’ elaborate costume designs. While they were very much similar to the dresses on the animated film, the Broadway version of the costumes were made with more intricacies and details that are fit for live performances.

First shows in Denver

The musical production of frozen will kick off in Denver from August 17 to October 1, before it arrives at Broadway by February 2018, 9 News reported. Disney Theatrical Productions’ president and producer Thomas Schumacher said that the Denver performances are part of the creation of the musical. He said that they need to perform in a city that has viewers who are inclined with the medium and are educated enough to understand such shows.

Award-winning movie

“Frozen” started out as an animated Disney original that tells the story of sisters Elsa and Anna, along with their journey in the kingdom of Arendelle. The movie popularized songs such as “Let It Go,” “Love Is An Open Door,” and “In Summer.” Many artists have recorded their own versions of the songs, including Demi Lovato and Idina Menzel who performed renditions of the film’s music.

The stage adaptation of the Disney animated film will be directed by Tony Award-winning director Michael Grandage, with Rob Ashford as a choreographer and Christopher Oram as costume designer. As it opens the curtains to worldwide audiences, “Frozen” will join other productions that made it on stage such as “The Lion King,” and “The Little Mermaid.”