"Teen Mom OG" fans are shocked to learn that Ryan Edwards has allegedly been caught cheating on his new wife, Mackenzie Standifer. It all started when Radar Online broke the news that Ryan had been messaging women on Tinder and had the messages to prove it. Ryan allegedly had a Tinder profile with his own photo. In the profile, he reportedly claimed to be 25-years-old although he is actually 29. The MTV star was allegedly messaging a woman he met on the dating app, and that women recognized him from television, and knew that he was married.

Ryan Edwards allegedly busted sexting women on Twitter

According to the report, Ryan tells the woman that he's on Tinder to "meet new people" and asks the woman to "chill" after she gets off work. The next day he asked the woman to hang out again. The women then asked Ryan for another selfie to prove that he was who he said he was, and he obliged by sending her a snapshot of himself behind the wheel of his car. The women then asked the "Teen Mom OG" dad why he was on Tinder if he was married, and Ryan Edwards allegedly responded, "I still like to have a little fun." The conversation then got X-rated when they began to discuss what they would do when they finally met up.

Ryan denies the allegations

During their conversation, Ryan Edwards reportedly sent the women two explicit photos of himself and asked her to do the same. However, it appears that she did not comply with his request. The next time Ryan asks the woman to come over to his house she asks where his wife is, and he reveals that she is "out of town." The site reveals that they have confirmed the number used to text the woman does belong to the "Teen Mom OG" star.

However, when Ryan was asked to comment on the allegations, he denied them, saying "I'm married. Get the f--K out of here with that dumb s--t."

Ryan's wife Mackenzie reportedly contacts the woman

Meanwhile, Ryan Edwards wife, Mackenzie Standifer has reportedly reached out to the woman her husband was inappropriately texting. Mackenzie allegedly called the woman, and later she texted back asking why she called her.

Mackenzie then reportedly told the woman to "stop playing dumb" and that she knew "everything." When the mystery woman asked Mackenzie what she wanted from her, she said, "I want you to stop." When Standifer said she might have to take of the situation "the hard way," the woman fired back that it was her husband on Tinder, insinuating that she may want to take care of what's going on at home base first.

Ryan's latest scandal

As "Teen Mom OG" fans know, Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer married back in May in a quickie wedding just before Edwards headed to rehab to deal with substance abuse issues. Ryan was filmed driving under the influence and was seen falling asleep at the wheel and slurring his words. Shortly after he entered rehab, but it looks like scandal continues to follow him and his new wife.