After years of waiting, Disney has finally announced the official Release Date of "Frozen 2." However, fans need to stretch their patience a little more since it will take two years before it hits the big screen. "Frozen 2" is expected to premiere in November 2019, and it will be available in 3D. Looking back on the success of the first movie which made Anna and Elsa popular, it is no surprise for Disney to have another big break as this second sequel airs.

'Frozen 2' is scheduled to be released on November 27, 2019

Disney's most anticipated sequel, "Frozen 2", is expected to premiere in theaters on November 27, 2019.

It is six years after the first movie was released back in 2013. One of Disney's biggest bonuses is making the film available in 3D.

Some characters from the first movie are expected to reprise roles. Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell are among the names on the list as they portray the lead characters of Elsa and Anna. Moreover, Disney has yet to confirm about other characters that will be joining the second sequel.

Further, Josh Gad is also making a return as the happy and famous snowman, Olaf. Alan Tudyk has been invited to reprise role as well. He voiced the Duke of Weselton back then. However, his real role remains a mystery.

Plot details on going

As the story of Elsa and Anna continue, there are lots of questions that remain unanswered during the first sequel.

"Frozen 2" has a common theory that Elsa will finally find her romantic love. There are also speculations which claim that Elsa will finally meet the king whom she will fall in love.

Meanwhile, another exciting surprise is Olaf's love interest.

Fans are looking forward to Olaf and Anna to be a real couple after Anna was paired to Kristoff in the first movie. Further, it is also expected that Queen Elsa will have a new dress on the second sequel. Ever since the first movie hit the big screen, her blue dress became iconic across the globe, and it has become part of her identity.

Elsa's death to be addressed

There are also questions ranging about the possible death of Elsa on the next sequel. Accordingly, the snow queen will not die since dollars of merchandise has been attached to her character. On the other hand, killing Elsa on the scene will not make a good idea; however, if it happens so, she will be revived just like how Anna got back to life true the power of pure love.

Meanwhile, more details of "Frozen 2" remains a mystery this time not until it finally premieres in theaters by 2019.